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28 June 2017
Drinktec 2017 is here - Go with the flow!
drinktec-2017 feat Drinktec allows exhibitors to get in touch with visitors from all over the world - The 2013 edition saw the participation of 67,000 people coming from 183 countries. continue
13 April 2017
Comac at the 2017 CBC - Thank you everyone!
Comac at CBC 2017 Like every year, Comac couldn't miss the appointment at the CBC, the Craft Brewers Conference, that was held in Washington this time continue

Line beginnings and line ends

Comac produces several fully automatic palletizing and depalletizing stations for kegs, complying with the requirements of the customer.

Comac makes standard devices, consisting of two separate stations for palletizing and depalletizing, devices with single or dual robot, or combined with a single and an indipendent gripper which allows to perform both operations.


All the operations carried out by the machine are monitored by sensors that check the proper execution of the working cycles.


To these operating units are added the transport, control and manipulation systems of the pallets consisting of modular units which - upon request - can be placed side by side.


The available modules include: straight conveyor sections available in various lengths, angular stations to 90° with passage from rollers to chains and vice versa, rotating stations in chains or rollers, stations of loading or unloading of pallets, shuttles transport on rails, storage stations, stacking  and de-stacking stations, integrity check stations, centering stations, strapping, wrapping, labeling and cleaning ones.


All modules are equipped with sensors for the correct operation and continuous control of the working cycle.


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    Combined depalletizing-palletizing system in a wine farm (Italy)
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    Conveying system (Austria)
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