For over 30 years, Co.Mac has been committed as a leader in the domain of kegging and bottling automated plants. To achieve its goals, Co.Mac has chosen the path of cultural and technological growth, where employees and customers are strategic assets.

Co.Mac strongly believes that people are a fundamental part of the job – Due to people’s skills, Co.Mac is able to respond to the specific requirements of each customer, through technically advanced solutions, always abreast of a global, ever-increasing demanding market.

Co.Mac is also an environmentally-aware company, and takes care of the surrounding environment through concrete actions within its four manufacturing premises.

All buildings see installed photovoltaic systems that currently guarantee over 70% of the power used by the company, while all lighting sources apply the LED technology. Moreover, water dispensers and personal flasks are also freely available, in the spirit of making Co.Mac an increasingly plastic-free company.

Our History

Co.Mac, today a leading company in the sector of automated bottling kegs and cans filling systems, was founded in 1990 in Bonate Sotto, a small town near Bergamo.

Since then, year after year, project after project, Co.Mac has succeeded, by installing its plants, in becoming one of the most important players in the international beverage market.

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Our Business Model

To improve its business processes, Co.Mac has been employing Lean production practices for several years now.

The ultimate goal of this method is to eliminate all kind of wastage (not only of material, but also time, costs and skills) in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and improve responsiveness to customers’ needs.

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Ethical Approach

Organization, management and control model and Ethics and financial integrity

The process of adopting and implementing the Organization, management and control model (legislative decree 231/201) began in 2017 and the model has been applied since the beginning of 2018.

The application of the Model not only allows Co.Mac to benefit from the exemptions envisaged by the Decree, but also helps it to improve its management procedures and ensure that its business operations are conducted in a correct and transparent manner.

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A company with people at the center

None of Co.Mac results should have been possible without talent, competence and dedication of the people who work with us. For this reason, people are at the center of our entire organization and we give value to their skills and capabilities while managing a continuous growth.

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Awards and certifications

During our journey we have obtained various certifications and awards at national and international level.

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ATS Group

As of March 2021, Co.Mac is part of the Canadian-based ATS Corporation group: an addition to our international commitment.

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