Beer Keg Lines: Co.Mac Solutions

Beer keg lines are essential for ensuring an efficient and high-quality cleaning and filling process. Co.Mac, a leader in the industry, offers a wide range of tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements for breweries. Let’s delve into what characterizes our lines and the advantages they offer.


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What is a Co.Mac keg line made up of

Opting to install a Co.Mac beer keg line means relying on machines designed to guarantee an impeccable cleaning and filling process.

In general, a line consists of cleaning and filling machines and line-completing machines:

  • Cleaning and filling machines play a crucial role in duly ensuring that kegs are uniformly and hygienically cleaned and filled
  • Line-completing machines, on the other hand, contribute to completing the filling process efficiently and accurately. These include:
    • Start-and-end line machines, designed to initiate and terminate the production flow on the line. They may include devices for depalletizing kegs returning from the market and palletizing kegs at the end of the cleaning/filling line, conveyors, pallet stacking and destacking, pallet warehouses, etc.
    • Keg washers, machines designed to clean the exterior of empty kegs before filling.
    • Control stations, which monitor and regulate several critical parameters during the keg filling process, such as pressure, temperature, empty and full keg weight, macro or micro leaks.
    • Keg turners, machines designed to flip or orient empty or full kegs during the packaging process.

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Keg lines

Co.Mac accessory machines

Co.Mac accessory machines are essential for optimizing the production process and ensuring the highest quality of the final product. These include:

  • Flash pasteurizers: used to pasteurize the product, eliminating any risk of contamination and ensuring the safety and the shelf-life of the beer.
  • Automatic CIP (Cleaning in Place) systems: these systems automate the preparation and circulation of cleaning and sanitizing solutions for the product circuit, carrying out programmed cleaning cycles, while verifying the effective and correct implementation of the process.

Some Co.Mac models for beer keg filling

Co.Mac offers several machine models for cleaning and filling beer kegs, composing complete lines that perfectly adapt to the production requirements of small, medium, and large companies. Among these, we have:

beer-keg-lines-capriCAPRI K31 – 3+1T an ideal option for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking a professional setup for cleaning and filling their beer kegs. Comprising two washing heads, a steam contact position, and a filling head, this machine offers a production yield of 50-55 kegs/hour for stainless steel and one-way kegs. CAPRI K31 3+1T is part of the Co.Mac range designed to automatically carry out the entire production cycle, using the same technology and components as high-production lines.

beer-keg-lines-bergamoBERGAMO HS6T is the perfect keg washing and filling line for major players in the beer and beverage industry, needing to combine high speed and excellent performance. Made up of three machines, combinable according to the different requirements of the customer, BERGAMO HS6T is a modular, fully-automatic system capable of automatically managing pre-washing, washing, and keg filling operations, with a production yield of up to 1,200 kegs/hour.

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