Keg depalletizers and palletizers


Quality robots sized according to the keg line speed, to the keg formats and layouts to be managed, complete with keg-seizing heads suitable for dealing with one or more kegs at a time. Based on pallet conditions with returned kegs, robotic systems can also be equipped with inspection cameras.

On small to medium output lines that do not necessarily require automatic depalletizing tasks, the dry area can be set up with one depal robot only to perform operations such as sanitizing of keg fitting and application of cap and collar label.

Conventional or combined depalletizers and palletizers, suitable to simultaneously palleting or depalleting a whole layer of kegs.


  • High flexible solutions, according to the line configuration and output
  • High reliability and efficiency rates
  • Equipped with components of well-known brands, easy to find on local markets


  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Sparkling and still wine
  • Carbonated soft drinks


  • All standard types of stainless steel kegs
  • All standard types of pallets