Conveyor belts for bulk and packaged products

Conveyor belts, wrongly considered as a simple connection between machines for handling of containers, boxes and pallets, are instead a critical point of the kegging and bottling lines.

Co.Mac studies the most suitable type for each individual layout, in order to limit management and maintenance costs, and therefore the final price of its systems.

The wide range of transport chains and accessories available, together with the possibility of making stainless steel hulls, allows to produce straight and curved modular conveyor belts, even especially long ones, able to satisfy internal handling needs.

The solutions applied are the most suitable sizing of the gearmotor group with high efficiency motors and the maximum reduction of the sliding of the containers on the chains in case of accumulation, obtained through dedicated software, with great energy saving.

One aspect to which Co.Mac pays particular attention is the possibility of modifying and integrating new belts on existing layouts. Through a specific study, Co.Mac carries out a complete revamping of old systems, updating them in compliance with current regulations.

Custom design

Co.Mac has a design office which is able to design, manage and solve any problem quickly, presenting a feasibility study and proposing concrete solutions accompanied by layout and technical description.


The construction of the conveyors is carried out by expert personnel and with the aid of advanced technologies and cutting-edge work systems. The feasibility of all types of projects is established through constant direct contact with the customer and taking into account the specific needs for each sector and solution.


Assembly and installation at the customer’s premises are carried out with the utmost care by specialised personnel.

Conveyors for Food & Beverage

Our conveyors are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the food & beverage industry, in compliance with current regulations.
We are able to make conveyor belts of any type, shape and size, even integrating them on existing lines, through a complete revamping.

The conveyor belts for cans, bottles and containers in glass or PET have the following characteristics:

  • Structure and components made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Modular structure that easily adapts to handling
  • Possibility of integrating new belts on existing lines
  • Programming by PLC

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