Saturation unit


Saturation units carries out all the operations of deaeration and the subsequent carbonation to obtain carbonated product, up to 7/8 g/L.



  • Strong stainless steel frame.
  • Pump feeding the static mixer/carbonator tank controlled by frequency converter and provided with probe to guarantee a constant product inlet pressure.
  • Product/CO2 static mixer.
  • CO2 pressure reducer.
  • Aisi304 stainless steel carbonated product storage tank, polished internally and provided with safety valve calibrated according to the tank test pressure and min-max level probe.
  • Aisi304 stainless steel piping complete with the necessary fittings.
  • Pre-arrangement for the tank sanitation (CIP).
  • Signal light or acoustic signal for lack of CO2.
  • Modulating valve and non-return valve on the CO2 inlet pipe.
  • Stainless steel electric control panel including HMI touch screen operator panel and Siemens PLC logic controller and all the necessary components for correct machine operation.


  • Water
  • Cider
  • Sparkling and still wine