After sales technical assistance is a strategic factor in the scheduling between Co.Mac and its customers.

Co.Mac offers customers adequate technical support to guarantee the correct functioning of machines and systems, with an excellent supply and logistics service that allows the delivery of spare parts in a short time.

An advanced remote assistance system allows to interact directly with customers’ machines and systems, to check their operating status and, if necessary, to make changes and updates to the software.

Finally, professional technical assistance is available for targeted interventions also at the customer premises.

Immediate telephone assistance

Co.Mac technicians are available to provide the customer with the necessary information on checks and operations to be carried out on the machine to restore its operation in the shortest possible time

Remote assistance

Co.Mac technicians can directly access the PLCs of the machines to check their operating status and, if necessary, make changes and updates to the software

Remote technical assistance kit with webcam

A remote assistance kit with a wireless webcam that allows the machine operator to interact with Co.Mac technicians during the remote assistance phases

Technical assistance 24h

We guarantee technical assistance 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, even remotely: a certainty that makes our customers from all over the world sleep peacefully.

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Spare parts Department

We work on the needs of each customer, satisfying the requests for technical assistance, spare parts supply and technological upgrades of the systems.

Reach the contact person for your geographic area directly.

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