Complete plants and machines for the processing and packaging of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Co.Mac produces complete plants and machines for processing and packaging fermented, distilled or liqueur alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages in bottles or cans.

The wide range of available machines allows the study of personalized systems that can meet the requests of small, medium and large producers.


Bottle fillers

If you intend to pack your beverage into bottles, we provide a complete range of solutions for glass, with countless advantages that you can discover on the dedicated page. Let us introduce you to our solutions for rinsing, filling and capping bottles in a unique process, with compact machines that can be easily integrated in the production line.


Bottle Packaging

On the focus page dedicated to bottle packaging you can take a look at the entire range of machines available. Browse the plants to process up to 12.000 bottles per hour, the monoblock systems and the ancillary machines such as the saturation and premix units to produce carbonated beverages, the pasteurizer unit and the tunnel of heating and cooling.

Wine bottling equipment

Wine is one of the most important industries in the sector of alcoholic beverages. If you want to know more about our solutions for wine bottling, you can find information on the specific page dedicated to the world of wine packaging. Cheers!



Automatic bottle filling machine

We offer a wide range of automatic bottle filling machines that are capable of packaging any bottle size and type, in particular glass bottles.

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Bottle filler

The production of bottle filler plants and machines has always been the core activity of Comac’s business. For more than twenty years, Comac has been researching, developing and creating cutting-edge bottle fillers for any use and any customer, placing as one the world leaders in bottle packaging systems.

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Bottle packaging

The production of plants and machines for bottle packaging is one the activity in which Comac can boast its longest and best experience. This page is dedicated to present the best solutions for bottle packaging proposed by the Italian worldwide-renowned business.

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Bottle equipment

What bottle equipment do you need? It depends on many factors, including the space available, the capacity and number of bottles you want to fill, as well as the type of drink you need to bottle. Comac’s bottle equipment is easy to use and guarantees maximum reliability without the need for frequent maintenance.

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Bottling equipment

Bottling equipment includes a series of machines or plants realized to process the filling of bottles in beverage industries. It does not matter what size your business is: the bottling process always requires some necessary steps, each of them with a specific machine to perform it.

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Bottling plants

Are you looking for a bottling plant for your business? Welcome on the page dedicated to the products by Comac, specifically designed to perform the bottling for smallmedium or big industries that work in the beverage field.

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Bottle filling lines

From rinsing to capping, Comac’s bottle filling lines are much more than basic filling machines. Discover all their features and benefits. Comac machines are ideal solution for the bottling of: beer; water; soft drinks; alcoholic beverages.

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Keg washer

A keg washer is an essential machine to guarantee the best parameters of hygiene and safety to the beverage you are storing into kegs. Washing the kegs, in fact, is a process that eliminates all the dangerous agents inside and outside, preventing the contamination of the product during the keg filling process.

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Soda Plant

Are you a company in the beverage industry? Comac Group manufactures modular soda plants that can be customized to fit in your business size and needs.

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Water bottling plant

Comac provides state-of-the-art water bottling plants and machines, scalable and customizable to fit any industry size and need. We boast a thirty years long experience in the field of beverage packaging, and we rely on a team of experts whose competence and passion will guide you through of the best solutions for your business.

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Carbonated soft drink filling machine

Carbonated soft drinks are usually sold in cans and bottles. Comac is specialized in the realization of different types of carbonated soft drink filling machine, according to the type of container of the beverage.

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Bottling System

Choosing a bottling system realized by Comac means choosing the best way to process and pack all types of beverages, both alcoholic and no alcoholic. A Comac bottling system is able to realize the complete process of beverage treatment: rinsing, filling and capping of bottles.

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Bottle filling machines

Which is the best bottle filling machine available on the market? Discover Comac’s models and find the perfect solution for your company.

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