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Soft Drinks

Complete plants and machinery for processing and packaging mineral water, juices and soft drinks in general.

If you need to pack soft drinks, in any format and quantity, Comac is the best choice for you. Comac is able to realize drink bottling machines of any size and capacity, always guaranteeing the high quality of Made in Italy in all its products.

Juices, mineral waters and various drinks to be packed in bottles, cans or barrels, with particular attention to carbonated drinks, Comac assists you in the selection and design of your drink bottling machine, creating a product tailored to your needs.


Types of plants for packaging soft drinks

The choice of the type of machine takes place above all in relation to the quantity of products to be packaged and the format in which they must be issued, whether in bottles, drums or cans.


Soft drinks kegging machines

Semi-automatic systems for productions up to 40 kegs/hour 

Automatic systems for productions ranging from 40 to 200 kegs/hour 

Automatic systems for productions over 200 kegs/hour

These systems are made following the specific customer guidelines, designed for the treatment of stainless steel kegs, can also be adapted for the treatment of plastic one-way kegs.



Soft drinks bottling machines

Plants for productions up to 4,000 bottles/hour 

Plants for productions ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 bottles/hour 

Plants for productions over 12,000 bottles/hour

The Comac soft drink bottling machines are designed to automatically run the bottles rinsing, filling and capping cycles, then completed with transport systems and other specifications. These plants can also be adapted for packaging in bottles with particular shapes.


Plants for packaging soft drinks in cans

Plants for productions up to 4,000 cans/hour 

Plants for productions ranging from 4,000 to 25,000 cans/hour 

• Production facilities over 25,000 cans/hour

Comac soft drink canning machines are made to cover packaging needs of any type and in any format, in aluminum, steel and tinplate. Designed to automatically execute the filling and crimping cycles of the cans.


Solutions for the packaging of soda drinks

The soda drinks may have different packaging characteristics, need special precautions or some accessory machines. Comac guarantees the correct packaging of carbonated drinks of all kinds, thanks to the presence of isobaric valves and other technologies. We have also specific soda plants and machines for this type of beverage:


Saturation unit: performing the water deaeration operation and the subsequent carbonation to obtain a carbonated beverage.

Premix unit: to carry out the water deaeration operation, adding the syrup and the subsequent carbonation to gassing the beverage.


Which filling machine suits you the best?

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  • Can filler mod. 40-6 and single deck tunnel warmer 8.6 sqm (Morocco) - 20,000 cans per hour
  • Bottle filler mod. 40-40-10 (Italy) - 14,000 bottles per hour
  • Conveying system (Austria)
  • Keg line mod. Jolly 6T (Italy) - 200 kegs per hour
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