All the solutions by Comac

The production of plants and machines for bottle packaging is one the activity in which Comac can boast its longest and best experience. This page is dedicated to present the best solutions for bottle packaging proposed by the Italian worldwide-renowned business.

All the plants and machines for bottle packaging proposed by Comac are realized with the best materials available to date, such as the stainless steel AISI 304, a renowned alloy that grants the best hygiene and endurance. They all are produced in Italy, boasting the high quality of the best Made in Italy.

Plants for bottle packaging

Comacs produces three kinds of plants for bottling, each one designed to support a specific production capacity:

1. Systems for small businesses, with a bottling capacity op to 6,000.


2. Systems for medium and large-sized industries, capable of supporting over 6,000 bottles per hour.

Each of the plants for bottle packaging can deal with both PET and glass bottles. In addition, they all are automatic and equipped with a control panel that allows checking the activity of the plant at any time.

Monoblocks for bottle packaging

Besides complete plants, Comac also produces different kinds of monoblock systems for glass bottle packaging. All of them are made with the best materials – such as, as we mentioned before, the corrosion-resistant stainless steel AISI 304 – and can perform all the steps of packaging: rinsing, filling and capping. You just have to collect the bottles at the end of the line!

All the monoblocks for bottle packaging are equipped with false bottles to put on the line for the cleaning and sanitizing of the entire system.

Single machines

Comac is aware of the importance of customization in the beverage industry. Not all the products need the same treatment during the packaging process. That is the reason that brings the Italian business to design single machines for specific uses. As far as bottle packaging is concerned, Comac provides the following solutions:

Saturation unit: the saturation unit is designed to perform the dearation of the water and carbonation process in order to obtain carbonated water. The main components of this machine are made with stainless steel AISI 304 in order to grant the highest level of hygiene possible. The saturation unit is carefully studied to carry out at its best the process of producing carbonated water, with a control panel that let the operator check and adjust all the parameters of the machine.

Premix unit: the premix unit performs another process often requested as far as bottle packaging is concerned. Like the saturation unit, it performs the dearation of the water and its carbonation, while adding the syrup, in order to produce premix beverages. As many of Comac’s machines, it is mainly realized with AISI 304 stainless steel, for the best resistance and endurance.

Tunnel for heating and cooling: if you need to bring the packed bottles back to room temperature, the best solution is a heating or a cooling unit. Both the heating and cooling systems work with showers that drastically increase or decrease the bottles’ temperature, allowing it to reach the desired level.

Tunnel pasteurizer: another important machine in bottle packaging, the pasteurizer is greatly requested by the industries who need to treat the already-packaged products. This machine is available in different sizes, to fit the needs of each specific customer.