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Comac has been an automatic bottle filling machine manufacturer since 1990. We provide any kind of filling equipment, scalable and customizable to fit any industry size and need. We boast a thirty years long experience in the field of beverage packaging machinery, and we rely on a team of experts whose competence and passion will guide you through the best solutions for your business.

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Comac automatic bottle filling machines and systems

Are you thinking of investing in a quality bottle filling machine?

Think Comac Group. We are a top notch company that adopts a wide range of technological innovations that are designed to solve bottling market challenges globally. We offer professionalism and expertise to every bottle filling machine customer who approaches us.

We offer a wide range of automatic bottle filling machines that are capable of packaging any bottle size and type, in particular glass bottles. If you want a unique filling machine that meets special technical requirements you can choose from the numerous bottling machines that we produce.

We produce fully automatic bottle filling machines that are divided in terms of production capacity:


Sagitta 12-12-1P is an automatic bottle filling machine up to 3,000 bottles per hour: it is ideal for micro breweries and small beverage industries who want to take a step toward the professional level. Completely automatic, easy to use and compact in size, they are the best choice as far as hygiene, speed and reliability are concerned.


Sagitta 20-20-3 P is an automatic bottle filling machine up to 6,000 bottles per hour and is based on back-pressure filling technology, suitable for filling carbonated and still beverages. It can fill several bottle formats and can be customized according to customers requests.


Master PET is an automatic bottle filling machine able to reach a production capacity of 70,000 bottles per hour so it is designed for medium and big industries.

These plants meet the highest international standards in hygiene, productivity and safety. Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Heineken and other big companies already chose Comac and its services.


Master G Tech is an automatic bottle filling machine particularly indicated for glass bottles and is perfect for the treatment of carbonated and non-carbonated products such as water, soft drinks, beer and juices.

It respects very high quality standards and is fully automated, in fact it has an electronic panel for the control of every filling phase.


Master RS Glass/PET has the highest production capacity of all Comac’s automatic bottle filling machine models: 90,000 bottles per hour.

This machine offers one of the best technologies for medium and high capacity lines and is the result of advanced research and development that led to very high quality standards.

Beer bottle filling machines

Throughout our activity we developed a special expertise in the automatic beer bottling industry, supplying both small and big breweries with efficient plants to bottle beer in the most efficient and hygienic way. Our beer bottle filling machines are manufactured with specific features for the treatment of beer, such as the oxygen pick-up devices that are designed to minimize the oxidation of the product and monitor the oxygen levels during the entire filling process.

In addition, we produce a wide variety of ancillary machines such as pasteurization units to reduce the contaminants in the beer. Other machines and optional features are available to meet any requirement of the brewery.

Photo: Tunnel pasteurizer

Automatic water bottle filling systems

Our bottling lines can also fulfill any request of the water industry.

The main advantage of choosing Comac is our capability to offer tailor-made automatic bottle filling systems for plain or sparkling water, according to specific technical requirements. You can create complete bottled water production lines starting from the beginning and designing it to fit within the space available. During each step of the production, we make sure that the original characteristics of the water are not altered throughout the bottling process.

Our water bottling plants can also be easily adapted to the existing systems and integrated in the operating stream to rinse, fill and cap bottles of water.

Automatic bottle filling machines for the wine industry

Comac’s automatic bottle filling machines are perfect also for wine bottling. As these machines are fully automated, all the phases of the bottling process (cleaning, rinsing, filling and capping) are completely controlled.

The materials used to realize our automatic bottle filling machines are extremely reliable and ensure the highest quality of the product, in fact all the organoleptic properties of wine are accurately respected.

Moreover, all our machines are customizable in order to respect all customer requirements and needs.

Features of an automatic beverage filling machine

Automatic bottle filling machines used in the beverage industry must be of high quality and technology, like Comac models.

In facts, these machines are characterized by:

  • Electro pneumatic filling valves featured with a special air pre-evacuation feature in order to ensure flexibility when adjusting the filling system through acclimating vacuum filling time accordingly. This makes this kind of machine ideal for bottling soft drinks, wines, beer, sparkling drinks, carbonated drinks, soda and cider;
  • A bottle auto detect device that is located on the conveyor of the automatic bottle filling machine. This device has a photocell that is programmed to stop the machine and the electro valves located in the rinsing mechanism if there is no bottle to be serviced;
  • The use of stainless steel materials that are hygienic, rust resistant and easy to clean. In addition, they guarantee uniform bottling with no faults.

If you are looking for an automatic bottle filling machine characterized by high technology and efficiency standards, Comac is exactly what you need.


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