Keg washer/filler: models and advantages

If you are a brewer, you are certainly aware of how important it is to have efficient and dependable machines to package your product. Among all the available options, a keg washer/filler is one of the most popular and affordable solutions to preserve your product. In this article, you will learn more about Comac solutions and their related advantages.

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In this article:

The pros of an industrial keg washer/filler

A keg washer/filler is an essential solution for brewers who wish to optimise the packaging process, and guarantee a high-quality end product.

In fact, this professional solution offers a number of advantages to improve the packaging process effectiveness.

Let’s see the most relevant:

  • More efficiency:keg washers/fillers allow kegs to be washed and filled quickly and accurately. In this way, it is possible to greatly optimise production rate and increase the overall production capacity
  • Reduction of errors and costs in production:the automation provided by these machines minimizes the need for workforce and the risk of human error, leading to reduced production costs and increased efficiency
  • Best quality of end product:keg washers/fillers ensure an accurate filling and sealing of kegs, preserving freshness and flavour characteristics of beer during transport and storage

Comac offers beer keg washers/fillers that perfectly meet these requirements and even more.

With us, indeed, you can adapt your filler to your company specific production requirements.

There are many customizations available to manufacture your tailor-made plant, such as:

  • Keg size 
  • Production speed
  • Structural features of the machine

We take care of everything, from custom design to the installation, directly at your premises.

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Choose a keg washer/filler by Comac

Comac is a leading company in manufacturing solutions for the brewing industry. We offer a wide range of highly dependable and technologically-advanced keg washers/fillers.

Our kegging systems are classified into three categories, based on their production capacity:

  • Semiautomatic models, for productions ranging from 15 up to 40 kegs/hour
  • Automatic models, for productions ranging from 40 up to 250 kegs/hour
  • Automatic models, for productions ranging from 250 up to 1,000 kegs/hour.

Below are some of our best solutions:

Beer keg machine HIVEHIVE – for stainless steel and plastic kegs (one-way) – This keg filler can fill stainless steel and plastic kegs. It has been designed to offer a professional solution to small and medium-sized companies. The technology and components are the same as those used in high-production keg lines and consist of a single washing and filling head. It can fill from 15 to 18 stainless steel kegs per hour and from 40 to 45 plastic kegs per hour. It is a robust machine, easy to install, and user-friendly. HIVE ensures hygienic washing and filling operations.


Beer keg machine K2Smart Kegging Machine – K2 – This semi-automatic keg washer/filler has been designed for small and medium-sized companies. The technology and the first-rate components match those used in high-production keg lines. The K2 version comes in two heads—one for washing and one for filling—and is supplied with one, two, or three detergent tanks. Production varies from 30 to 36 kegs per hour, depending on the keg size and the washing cycle. It is robust, easy-to-install and connect, and guarantees excellent hygiene standards.


Beer keg machine TriesteTrieste K42 – 4+2T – The technology of this model and its first-rate components are the same as those used for high-speed keg lines. Due to a PLC and an operator panel (HMI), the user has complete control over the operation parameters. The keg washer/filler TRIESTE K42 has three washing heads, a caustic contact position, one steam contact position, and one filling head. Its production ranges from 60 to 70 kegs per hour.



Beer keg machine BolognaBologna K52 – 5+2T -This machine uses the same technology and components as high-production lines, ensuring excellent and reliable performance. Equipped with a PLC and an operator panel (HMI), with this filling machine the user can easily set and control the operation parameters. With four washing heads, one caustic soaking position, one steam contact position, and one filling head, this model can fill from 70 to 90 kegs per hour.



Beer keg machine BergamoBERGAMO HS6T – This is a pre-washing, washing and filling system. It consists of different modules made of high-quality stainless steel and equipped with six treatment heads each. The modular design allows it to combine more modules to increase the production capacity. Treatment heads are manufactured with resistant materials and are equipped with tools for accurate control. Every module has a production range of 250/300 kegs per hour.


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