The best canning systems for your production line

Are you looking for a fast and reliable canning system? Comac offers solutions for production speeds up to 4,000 cans/hour, and for production speeds from 4,000 to 12,000 cans/hour.

If you own a beverage company, a good filling system for your production line is an absolute must. Comac is exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ll now introduce you to some of its best products and help you make the right choice.

In this article, we will see:

The advantages offered by Comac canning systems

Comac’s canning systems offer distinct advantages rooted in their versatility and reliability. With three decades of technical expertise, cutting-edge technology, and premium raw materials, these systems guarantee optimal performance. Comac’s solutions are ideal for two main reasons:

  • They can be used with any type of beverage, whether beer or soft drinks: there’s no packaging limit, and the taste is never compromised.
  • They can be used to fill any type of can, based on the customer’s requirements: the beverage packaging can be adapted to multiple formats. They can also be used to fill tin or aluminum cans.

Comac ancillary machines for canning systems

To enhance our range of versatile services, Comac provides additional machines that complement canning systems. These include:

  • Pasteurizer tunnel: used to pasteurize the product already packaged in cans. The machine structure is manufactured with solid AISI 304 stainless steel, and is available in different sizes.
  • Cooling/heating tunnel: designed to bring the previously packaged cold or hot product to room temperature. This system is built with special instrumentation designed to save water.
  • Saturation unitthis system is designed to carbonate the product. The amount of CO2 can be adjusted to obtain different levels of carbonation, due to the presence of a modulating valve.
  • Premix unitthis system is used to create carbonated beverages by deaerating the water, adding syrup, and carbonating it to obtain the finished carbonated product.

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Comac filling machines for canning systems

See below the main can packaging models from Comac’ can lines:

PEGASUS 8-1 v2: it is an isobaric filling machine capable of packaging up to 4,000 cans/hour. This canning system efficiently flushes cans with CO2, fills them with product, and expertly seams the lids. Featuring electropneumatic filling valves and a top-tier seamer, it’s an optimal solution for medium to low-capacity lines. It offers high performance, consistent quality, and customizable settings via the intuitive HMI interface. Perfect for canned wines and various beverages.



Microbrew 10/2: an isobaric filling machine capable of packaging up to 6,000 cans/hour. Featuring electropneumatic filling valves with counter-pressure technology, this machine ensures precise filling for still and carbonated drinks. With its single bench housing the filler and seamer, it offers efficiency and space-saving benefits ideal for small to medium-sized breweries. Enjoy high performance tailored to your needs, consistent quality, and easy adjustment of filling parameters with dedicated recipes selectable from the intuitive HMI interface.


Microbrew 20/4: an isobaric filling machine capable of packaging up to 12,000 cans/hour. This machine boasts a single bench housing both filler and seamer, ensuring seamless operation. Equipped with electropneumatic filling valves and counter-pressure technology, it efficiently fills both still and carbonated drinks. With optimal settings for filling parameters and dedicated recipes adjustable from the HMI, it guarantees high-quality finished products. Plus, its performance matches that of larger monoblocks, making it a top choice for small to medium-sized breweries.


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