Pegasus 8-1 V2


The PEGASUS can filling/seaming machine is based on back-pressure filling technology, suitable for filling still and carbonated beverages into aluminum cans. The machine is designed to flush cans with CO2 or other inert gas, fill them with product and finally seam the lids. The use of electropneumatic filling valves and the seamer manufactured by industry leaders make this machine a perfect solution for medium/low capacity lines.



  • High performance according to the type of monoblock
  • Quality of the finished product due to the use of the same technical solutions of high-capacity monoblocks
  • Optimal settings for all filling parameters (inert gas flushing, pressurization, filling, decompression)
  • Dedicated recipes for different types of products adjustable and selectable from HMI
  • All filling parameters remain unchanged; They do not depend on the capacity of the machine, as for standard mechanical fillers


  • Beer
  • Carbonated and still water
  • Carbonated and still soft drinks
  • Sparkling and still wine
  • Ready To Drink
  • Hard Seltzer


  • Two-pieces aluminium cans, lids size from 200 to 209, volume from 200 ml to 1,000 ml