Microbrew 20-4


Compact monoblock due to the single bench that houses the filler and seamer.

Featured with electropneumatic filling valves with counter-pressure filling technology, suitable for filling still and carbonated drinks. The machine is designed to fill cans with product and seam them with the relevant lid. One of the top-seller compact solutions for the craft micro-brewing market: Microbrew 20-4 is our compact monoblock especially engineered to provide premium equipment to small & medium-sized breweries.



  • High performance according to the type of monoblock
  • Quality of the finished product due to the use of the same technical solutions of high-capacity monoblocks
  • Optimal settings for all filling parameters (inert gas flushing, pressurization, filling, decompression)
  • Dedicated recipes for different types of products adjustable and selectable from HMI
  • All filling parameters remain unchanged; They do not depend on the capacity of the machine, as for standard mechanical fillers


  • Beer
  • Water
  • Sparkling and still wine
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Ready to Drink
  • Hard Seltzer


  • Cans from 0.15L to 19,2oz (568ml)