Beer can packaging: why choosing it?

Packaging beer is a crucial step to preserve the organoleptic properties of this beverage and guarantee its quality. Among the various viable options, can packaging is gaining more and more popularity due to its multiple advantages. But why choosing to pack beer in cans? Find it out in this article.

Beer can packaging

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Choosing a Comac can filler for your beer

When you opt for beer can packaging, it’s crucial to choose a dependable and efficient professional filler.

Comac is a leading manufacturing company when it comes to the packaging of canned, kegged, and bottled beverages. It offers a wide range of models that perfectly meet the different production demands of breweries, ensuring the final product’s excellence.

Our solutions are completely automatic and can fill from 3,000 to 12,000 cans per hour.

For productions ranging from 12,000 and up to 84,000 cans/hour, we collaborate with CFT Group.

Our machines’ dependability and efficiency are guaranteed by technical competence, technology, and the use of high-quality raw materials.

Let’s see some of our key models:


Microbrew 10-2 for beer can packagingMicrobrew 10-2 (production range up to 6,000 cans/hour) is a compact solution engineered to meet the requirements of craft brewers. Designed for small & medium-sized breweries, it offers high performance and the same quality of high-capacity monoblocks. Its settings allow it to regulate all selected parameters via HMI.


Microbrew 20-4 for beer can packagingMicrobrew 20-4 (production range up to 12,000 cans/hour) this model is the “elder brother” of the Microbrew 10-2 monoblock. It displays the same features and compact size. Due to electropneumatic filling valves with counter-pressure filling technology, it is suitable for filling still and carbonated beverages.

Discover more about our solutions for the packaging of canned beer! 

Can Lines

Features and advantages of cans

Beer can packaging offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • 100% recyclable aluminum: cans are made of aluminum, a material that can be easily recycled. This can help breweries’ sustainability.
  • Functionality and easy to transport: due to its dimensions, lightness and resistance, cans are quite easy to transport and perfect to be used outdoors.
  • Many possible designs: thanks to their smooth and regular surface, cans offer the right space for appealing and creative designs. An added value, in terms of brand identity.

Beer characteristics

While packaging canned beer, it’s important to consider its organoleptic properties to ensure the quality and stability of the product. Beer is a complex drink, and it requires undivided attention for many factors, such as:

  • The packaging temperature, which should be accurately controlled so that the product keeps its taste, smell and freshness
  • The carbonation level, to guarantee the desired amount of effervescence
  • Light protection, beer is sensitive to light, especially to ultraviolet radiation, which can cause unwanted chemical reactions and cause the product’s quality to deteriorate. It’s crucial to use materials that protect beer from direct light, such as cans, which provide a total barrier against rays of light.

All these factors can influence packaged beer quality. This is why it’s fundamental to use the right techniques and equipment to keep intact the organoleptic properties of beer during the packaging process.

Not only filling: Comac accessory machines

Not only filling. Comac offers a broad variety of accessory machines that can improve beer can packaging. Among these machines:

All these machines have been designed to make the packaging lines for canned beer more complete, ensuring the high quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

If you’re interested in packaging your canned beer and want further information on Comac products and solutions, contact us!

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