Beer can filler: Co.Mac’s best solutions

An isobaric beer can filler is the ideal solution to better preserve your beer: find out why and take a look at Co.Mac’s proposals to find the right one.


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Main isobaric fillers from Co.Mac models

Here are the main isobaric can filler models from Co.Mac:



PEGASUS 8-1 V2: this beer can filler is designed to fill up to 4,000 cans per hour. Utilizing back-pressure filling technology, this machine efficiently fills both still and carbonated beverages into aluminum cans. It’s equipped to flush cans with CO2 or inert gas, ensuring precise filling and seamless lid sealing. With electropneumatic filling valves and a top-notch seamer, it’s the perfect solution for medium to low capacity lines.






MICROBREW 10-2: with a productivity of 6,000 cans per hour. this beer can filler is a compact monoblock designed to cater to small and medium-sized breweries. With a single bench housing the filler and seamer, it offers a space-saving solution. Equipped with electropneumatic filling valves employing counter-pressure filling technology, it’s perfect for both still and carbonated drinks. This top-selling compact solution ensures precise filling and lid sealing, making it ideal for the craft micro-brewing market.




MICROBREW 20-4: This compact monoblock, housed on a single bench, seamlessly integrates the filler and seamer. Equipped with electropneumatic filling valves utilizing counter-pressure filling technology, it’s ideal for both still and carbonated drinks. With a productivity of 12,000 cans per hour, this beer can filler is designed to efficiently fill cans and seal lids, it’s the go-to choice for craft micro-breweries.

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Why choosing an isobaric beer can filler

When it comes to packaging beverages like beer, maintaining product quality is paramount. That’s why breweries rely on specialized equipment like a beer can filler.

Co.Mac’s range of automatic filling machines are designed to handle various can formats, including aluminum and tinplate, to meet the unique needs of each brewery.

Opting for a beer can filler offers distinct advantages:

  • A beer can filler is particularly well-suited for preserving the integrity of the product. It effectively prevents foam formation and liquid leaks during the filling process, ensuring that the beer’s flavor remains unchanged.
  • Isobaric filling technology ensures precise fills under consistent pressure, minimizing oxygen exposure and preserving the beer’s freshness and flavor profile.
  • Versatile enough to accommodate both still and carbonated beverages, a beer can filler is a strategic investment for breweries of all sizes, prioritizing quality and efficiency in production

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