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Are you a company in the beverage industry? Comac Group manufactures modular soda plants that can be customized to fit in your business size and needs.

A soda plant is basically the sum of two different machines:

  • Soda making machine: to flavor and syrup to the original beverage and carbonate it
  • Soda filling machine: a machine to seal the soda into bottles or cans

Let’s start taking a look at the first machine, discovering Comac solutions to make soda in a professional, safe and efficient way on an industrial level.



Industrial soda making machine


An industrial soda making machine is the union of two different units that process the original beverage to sweeten and flavor it first, and carbonate it at the end. Comac supplies a unique machine that joins all these tasks, providing a compact solution that can be easily integrated in the production line:


Comac Premix Unit is one of the best industrial soda making machine available to the market. The unit performs the deaeration of the original beverage, the addition of the syrup or flavor and the final carbonation process. The machine is realized with a special stainless steel alloy, the AISI 304, which is the best material as far as hygiene and safety are concerned.


The Premix Unit is available in three models:

  • Automatic soda making machine to process 5.000 liters per hour, for small industries
  • Automatic soda making machine to process 10.000 liters per hour, for medium industries
  • Automatic soda making machine to process 20.000 liters per hour, for big industries






Soda filling machine


Any industrial soda plant includes a filling machine at the end of the line. After being processed, the beverage is collected by the filling units and distributed into bottles or cans, depending on the manufacturer’s choice. Usually, the soda filler also carriers out the capping of the bottles or the sealing of the cans.


With prestigious customers in many different countries, Comac is among the most credited soda filling machine manufacturers in the world. Comac produces machines for both small and big industries, with modular solutions that can be highly customized.





Automatic soda filling machine: everything under control


All the solutions by Comac are completely automatic, designed to carry out the rinse cycle, the filling and the sealing of the beverage without any human intervention. Obviously, the automatic filling machines can be monitored throughout the whole process, thanks to an accessible and easy-to-use control panel.

Comac produces solution for both bottling and canning.



Soda bottling machine


Comac soda bottling supplies include several machines optimized for industries of different size. Our soda bottling machines are aimed at both small activities and bigger industries, supplying each of them with a specific tailor-made solution.


Let’s take a look at our soda bottle filling machines:

Soda bottling machines up to 3.500 bottles per hour: the range includes three different monoblock units that can process from 1.400 up to 3.500 bottles per hour. Compact, hygienic, efficient and completely automatic, these filling machines are the ideal choice for small business who want to pack their soda in a professional way.




Soda bottling machines up to 12.000 bottles per hour: the range includes two models, the first one to process 10.000 soda bottles per hour, the second one to fill 11.500 bottles per hour. However, our technical staff is available to study and engineer customized plants, in case you have different needs.


Soda bottling machines for over 12.000 bottles per hour: if you are looking for a soda bottling plant with high capacity, high productivity and maximum hygiene, then you should take a look at Comac machines to bottle up to 21.000 bottles per hour – or even more with customized solutions. Trusted by some of the most prestigious soda making companies in the world, our plants guarantee the best standards in the sector.




Glass bottle soda filling machine


All the machines we have seen so far are optimized for both glass and PET bottles. However, if you are looking for a soda filling machines that is specifically designed for glass bottles, we are proud to introduce you to our range of monoblock units for glass bottles.


The range includes several machines, compact and completely automatic:

  • Soda bottling machine up to 1.400 bottles per hour
  • Soda bottling machine up to 3.000 bottles per hour
  • Soda bottling machine up to 3.500 bottles per hour
  • Soda bottling machine up to 6.000 bottles per hour
  • Soda bottling machine up to 6.400 bottles per hour
  • Soda bottling machine up to 10.000 bottles per hour
  • Soda bottling machine up to 11.500 bottles per hour
  • Soda bottling machine up to 18.000 bottles per hour
  • Soda bottling machine up to 21.000 bottles per hour



Soda bottling equipment


Comac bottling equipment for soda also includes some ancillary machines to perform specific treatments on the bottled beverage.


With a tunnel of heating and cooling you can quickly bring to room temperature the soda previously packaged. We produce solutions for both warming and cooling, according to your specific needs.


With the pasteurizer tunnel you can sanitize the external surface of soda bottles in minutes. All the process is completely automatic.



Soda canning machine


Soda canning is as much popular as bottling. However, the canning process needs specific machines to be carried out properly. Like the solutions for bottling, also Comac canning machines are designed to meet different requirements as far as size is concerned:


Automatic soda canning machines up to 3.600 cans per hour: ideal for small activities, these machines are available in two models that can process up to 1.400 cans per hour and up to 3.500 cans per hour. Highly efficient, made with the best materials, fully automatic, these plants embody in a compact size all the best qualities of Comac production.




Automatic soda canning machines up to 24.000 cans per hour: for medium size industries, Comac makes available a wide choice of machines to can up to 6.000, 6.500, 12.000 and 24.000 cans per hour. Each machine can be customized to meet any specific requirement.




Automatic soda canning machines over 24.000 cans per hour: Comac standard machine for big soda industries has a capacity of 40.000 cans per hour. However, on request, we can expand this number to reach any desired capacity, always guaranteeing the qualities that made our solutions some of the best in the world: compactness, efficiency, hygiene, safety and high productivity.




If you are looking for a professional soda plant and you are interested in Comac’s solutions, do not hesitate to contact us for any information. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the best solution for your industry!

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