Drink bottling: the best machines for hard seltzers

Hard seltzers, the moderately alcoholic drinks with relatively few calories, are today among the most substantial and popular market trends. If you want rush headlong into them, make sure you have a bottling system ready to keep up with the new production pace and guarantee a high quality for your drinks. Comac can provide all-inclusive assistance with the right machinery.



Hard seltzers are all the rage in the United States and rumor has it that they will soon hit Europe. To seize this opportunity, many companies are readying their plants, focusing on high-performance machinery from the quality and production standpoints.

How can your plant be ready to meet the demand for hard seltzers?

Bottle canning lines

Cans are the most popular way to package hard seltzers. If you want to bet on lightweight aluminum, we recommend a system that meets your production forecasts without compromising drink quality.

Our canning line solutions

Comac supplies canning solutions that can sustain up to 4,000 cans/hour production for small-medium sized businesses, or even up to 12,000 cans/hour for larger ones.



An example: PEGASUS 8-1 V2, isobaric can filler up to 4,000 cans/hour (11 oz.)


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Our specific range

To meet every budget need while being able to incorporate still functional machinery, Comac also offers used and/or “cut-price” solutions (machines used at our production sites for training or exhibited at fairs).


drink-bottling-perseus1PERSEUS 142P: 14-2 monobloc can filler with electro-pneumatic valves






drink-bottling-perseus-2PERSEUS 142P: 14-2 monobloc can filler with electro-pneumatic valves





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Complementary machines: beyond a simple drink bottling

Complementary machines can be added to canning lines. While can fillers fill and seam cans, additional elements can cover a much wider range of options.


Bottling lines (glass)

Although cans have become the container par excellence for hard seltzersglass bottles are just as fitting in terms of popularity with consumers and environmental conservation.

Based on forecast production, Comac can supply bottling systems whose production speed reach up to 8,000 bottles/hour or 12,000 bottles/hour or even over 12,000 bottles/hour.



An example: SAGITTA 20203P, isobaric bottle filler for 6,000 bottles/hour


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We also have used bottling system solutions, where we still guarantee maximum reliability and safety.



Smartblock 6/6/1: Used isobaric bottle filler


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Likewise, premix and saturation units can be added to this type of machinery, specific to drink bottling lines.


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