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Premix Unit

The premix unit, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, carries out the operations of deaeration of the water, the addition of the syrup and the subsequent carbonation to obtain the carbonated beverage.

The premix unit carries out the operations of deaeration of the water, the addition of the syrup and the subsequent carbonation to obtain the carbonated beverage; it consists of a solid stainless steel AISI 304 structure, glass beads blasted and treated with protective varnish on which the various components, such as the deaeration tank, the syrup tank, the mixing water/syrup unit, the carbonation device and the stabilization/storage tank are anchored.

The tanks are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, polished inside and equipped with all the necessary equipment for the proper execution of the working cycles and their washing.


The deaeration tank is kept at negative pressure by a liquid ring vacuum pump. The water, introduced into the tank from above, is atomized by a divosfera, increasing the surface area of contact between the water and the vacuum.

In this way the gases, naturally contained in the water, are expelled by the water itself, facilitating the subsequent stage of carbonation. 


Moreover, in this tank the excess carbon dioxide is conveyed from the tank saturation: the CO2, in addition to facilitating the deaeration, causes a slight pre-carbonation.

The syrup tank receives the concentrated syrup (50/60 brix) from the syrup room.

The water/syrup unit (the mechanical one has a dosing pump; the electronic one has a magnetic flowmeter for the water and a mass flow meter for the syrup) provides for the dosing of water/syrup as stated by the recipe.

The device of carbonation provides for the direct injection of CO2 in the liquid for obtaining the soft drink. The amount of CO2 is set by a modulating valve or by a mass flowmeter, allowing different degrees of carbonation. The subsequent static mixer mixes water and syrup and splits the bubbles of CO2, facilitating the absorption.

Finally, the soft drink is sent to the stabilization/storage tank, which is kept under pressure thanks to the CO2 and from this tank is sent to the filler.


The electrical stainless steel panel is provided with an operating panel that allows to verify and set all the control parameters of the machine and - on request - an electronic chart recorder that stores the values of pressure and temperature during the process.


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