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Whether you are a home brewer or engaged in large scale beer production, you are looking for ways to reduce the cost of production and increase the capacity to meet the ever growing beer market. To succeed in this you will need a reliable bottling beer equipment to help you in automating the system as well as to offer your products in quality and clean bottles. Getting such a partner should not be hard: you only need to look around for reliable bottling beer equipment suppliers like Comac.

Comac Group

Comac Group is one of the bottling equipment suppliers, serving local and international customers. The company has been in the business for more than twenty years and has a reputation in the bottling beer equipment and other brewing supplies. The company is transforming the industry through production of bottling beer equipment and other plants which are making it easy for brewers and retailers to reduce the cost of production and at the same time to increase the production capacity to the levels that meet the current demand.

Wide range of choice for bottling beer equipment

Comac has a wide range of choice when it comes to plants and machines, ranging from the automated plants for cleaning, filling and capping bottles to the coolers and saturators. The company supplies customers from all corners of the world: in Americas, Africa, Asia and the rest of Europe.

Our most popular solutions for beer bottling include:

Beer bottling equipment for microbreweries

For small breweries and microbreweries we designed a line of compact monoblock plants that easily fit even in small spaces. The bottling plants can process up to 6,000 bottles per hour, like the model in photo: Sagitta 20-20-3 P. The equipment is highly reliable because it is manufactured with the same technological content as in large systems. Each system carries out the rinsing, filling and capping processes.



wein-abfullanlageBeer bottling equipment for medium and big breweries

Our history is deeply linked with the development of complex and fully-customized solutions for big industries. Among our top customers we can mention Heineken, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Mahou San Miguel, Bavaria, Miller Coors, who trusted our top-range machines for the bottling of their beer.
Beer bottling equipment for medium and big breweries includes a series of compact machines that can process over 6,000 bottles per hour. You can choose the most suitable machine according to your production needs, and customize it so to adapt its layout to the spaces of your brewery.
The plants are fully automatic and manufactured with high quality materials such as AISI 304 stainless steel, the best alloy for the beverage and food processing industry. On a digital display it is possible to check the working parameters of the plant and monitor the production. All the plants carry out the rinsing, filling and capping of beer bottles. In photo you can see Master G Tech, able to bottle up to 80,000 BPH.

In addition, we offer a series of ancillary machines to process beer or other beverages:

The company promises to make sure that the equipment as well as other machines and plants meet the customers’ expectations, help them produce at a effective level cost and at the same time make the production process flow smoothly. For all the bottling beer equipment needs, Comac Group is a partner who will not disappoint at any moment customers and referral. It is a company which is dedicated to deliver the best to its customer and to form a real partnership where both parties benefit.

Bottling beer equipment for sale

Looking at the bottling beer equipment for sale that is displayed in various platforms may not be enough to make a decision. You need to interrogate further and establish whether they will meet your needs. Comac Group encourages its customers to speak to them and ask the various questions they may have pertaining the machine for sale displayed in their website and other platform. The company believes that a customer should have the right information or details before making any choice.

Comac Group prides itself for high quality customer service, both before and after the sale. This is what has kept the customers coming as well as referring their products to other potential customers. The wide range of goods supplied by the company also speaks volume. They are made to customer specifications as well as in accordance to industry specifications. As a brewer or a retailer, you will like their products since they will address most of your production needs.

Customization possibilities

Our technical staff is ready to assist you in the design of tailor-made, customized beer bottling equipment to maximize efficiency, space savings and cost of the plants. Every component can be studied to best fit into the existing context in both small, medium and big activities.
In addition, an after-sale service is available to help you with any technical issue.

If you are looking for bottling beer equipment for sale… contact us!

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