Comac provides complete plants and machinery for beer processing and packaging. Here’s our tips to maintain our filling machines at their best.


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Comac produces complete plants and machines for beer processing and packaging in kegs, cans, or bottles. The wide range of available machines allows the study of personalized systems that can meet the requests of small, medium and large producers.

Comac’s high-quality beer filling machines are made in stainless steel and can follow the entire filling process, from start to finish: rinsing, filling and packing your product, everything in one single plant.


How to maintain your beer filling machine

To maintain any beer filling machine (for bottles, kegs or cans), first of all, you need to follow the instructions your installer gave you.

Every Comac’s filling machine is provided with an automatic cleaning system, but you might sometimes need to deep clean your machine (usually once a month):

  • remove all the pistons and clean them manually;
  • pass some dietary fat on the pistons and the “rotation points” of the machine;
  • use foaming detergent to clean the outside of the machine (to obtain the best result, wash first with an alkaline foaming detergent with a high content in chlorine, then with an acid detergent).


If any problem occurs don’t worry, you are not alone: Comac provides customers with a 24-hour service, from Monday to Saturday, even for systems out of warranty.


Know more about beer filling machines and packaging!

Beer packaging is by far the field in which we gathered the longest and most valuable experience. If you are curious to know more about the processes and the machines for beer packaging, we are happy to share with you our knowledge and present our solutions for small and big activities:

  • If you are interested in a general overview of beer packaging, you can discover the complete range of Comac solutions on this focus page. Our machines include bottling, kegging and canning plants, with different capacities according to the production needs. Plus, we offer many ancillary machines to provide specific tasks on the beverage.
  • You are a small brewery? Are you looking for microbrewery equipment? We study and manufacture smart solutions to help microbreweries produce and pack their beer in a fast and professional way.
  • Beer bottling is one of the most employed packaging solutions worldwide, so we dedicated a focus page to the plants and machines designed to fill bottles. We produce compact plants and monoblock machines to process from 1.500 up to 12.000 bottles per hour. Discover our beer bottling lines or take a closer look at our monoblock machines on this focus page, in which you will also find some of the most useful ancillary machines for beer processing.


Contact us to create your beer filling line or tell us your specific needs, we’ll find the perfect solution for your company.

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