A beer canning machine increases your production capacity by cleaning, rinsing, filling and sealing several cans at one time. Whether you are a small, medium or large brewery, at Comac you will find what you need as we produce systems and plants to serve breweries of any size.

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Co.Mac beer canning machines

Co.Mac has been in the business of manufacturing beer canning machines for more than twenty years. The company has invested heavily on a talented workforce, people who are fully dedicated to delivering products that meet customers’ needs.

Co.Mac standard beer canning machines include:


Photo: PEGASUS 8-1 V2 isobaric can filler up to 4.000 CPH 0,33l

Automatic beer canning machines up to 4.000 cans per hour: these systems carry out automatically the cycles of filling and seaming of cans and can be completed with transport systems and other machines according to customers’ requirements and respecting the spaces available in the installation rooms.


Photo: MICROBREW 10-2,  isobaric can filler up to 6.000 CPH 0,33l

Automatic beer canning machines up to 6.000 cans per hour: these canning machines offer a production up to 6.000 cans per hour and are completely automatic. Also in this case they can be completed with transport systems and other machines according to customers’ needs and available spaces.


Photo: MICROBREW 20-4,  isobaric can filler up to 12.000 CPH 0,33l

Automatic beer canning machines to process up to 12.000 cans per hour: designed for medium activities, these canning machines include different models with different capacity. On request, wide customization possibilities are available to meet specific needs of your company.

Beer canning machine for sale

The customers and retailers are guaranteed that the machine will work to specifications and they will get value for their investment. Cleaning, rinsing, filling and capping gets pretty easy with the machine from Comac, the makers of automated systems which none of the competitors can rival.

Features of a beer canning machine

A beer canning machine is an automatic system that helps the makers of alcoholic products to clean, rinse, fill and even seal their cans. The machines come in different sizes to let the manufacturer invest in a plant that meets the production capacity needed.

The main advantages of a beer canning machine include:

  • Increased production efficiency
  • Reduced filling times
  • Minimization of material waste
  • Improved product quality control
  • Increased versatility in handling different can formats
  • Long-term operating cost savings

Beer canning system: all Comac’s solutions

All Co.Mac’s beer canning machines can be completed with auxiliary equipment:

These machines are all made of AISI 304 stainless steel and permit to offer a wider variety of services like pasteurization or carbonation of the product. They are perfect not only for beer, but also for water or other beverages.

Co.Mac, in addition to supplying the single machines mentioned above, can also assemble them in complete lines, also customizing the lines themselves according to the actual needs and spaces of the activity for which they are intended.


The plants are made to precision, complying with all the technical requirements as stipulated by the industry specifications. Retailers as well as manufacturers who are looking for this type of product have a chance to choose between the best solutions. There is definitely a wide range to choose from at Co.Mac.

Make your own beer canning machine with Co.Mac!

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