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Beer canning machine

A beer canning machine increases your production capacity by cleaning, rinsing, filling and sealing several cans at one time. Whether you are a small, medium or large brewery, at Comac you will find what you need as we produce systems and plants to serve breweries of any size.

Features of a beer canning machine


beer canning machine is an automatic system that helps the makers of alcoholic products to clean, rinse, fill and even seal their cans. The machines comes in different sizes to let the manufacturer invest on a plant that meets the production capacity needed. Investing in a beer canning machine is a worthy cause; it helps in availing the package not only on time but also when they are clean and clearly labeled. 

Comac beer canning machines

Comac Group has been in the business of manufacturing beer canning machines for more than twenty years. The company has invested heavily on talented workforce, people who are fully dedicated to delivering products that meet customers’ needs. The plants are made to precision, complying with all the technical requirements as stipulated by the industry specifications. Retailers as well as manufacturers who are looking for this type of product have a chance to choose between the best solutions. There is definitely a wide range to choose from at Comac Group. 


Comac standard beer canning machines include:

Automatic beer canning machines to process up to 3.600 cans per hour: the ideal solution for micro breweries, these machines are compact, easy to use and extremely reliable. They’re fully automatic: you just have to load the cans and collect them at the end of the cycle.




Automatic beer canning machines to process up to 24.000 cans per hour: designed for medium activities, these canning machines include different models with different capacity. On request, wide customization possibilities are available to meet specific needs of your company.




Automatic beer canning machines to process more than 24.000 cans per hour: for the biggest industries, Comac manufactures a complete plant that can process up to 40.000 cans per hour. On request, additional modules can be engineered to further increase this number. Realized with the best materials, fully automatic and highly reliable, these machine have been already chosen by some of the top players of the international beer industry.




Comac Group plants have the capacity to treat all the standard bottles (both glasses and PET).



Beer canning machine for sale

The customers and retailers are guaranteed that the machine will work to specifications and they will get value for their investment. Cleaning, rinsing, filling and capping gets pretty easy with the machine from Comac, the makers of automated systems which none of the competitors can rival.



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