Automatic canning machine: Co.Mac’s solutions and beverage latest trends

If you’re a brewery or beverage production company looking to streamline your packaging process, an automatic canning machine might be just what you need. This machine offers efficiency and precision in canning your beverages, ensuring fast and high-quality production. In our article, we’ll explore some of the top solutions offered by Co.Mac and the features that make a quality automatic canning machine stand out. Discover more to enhance your production line and meet the demands of the ever-evolving market.


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Co.Mac’s automatic canning machines

Take on the competition with high quality products and just a limited investment, thanks to Co.Mac’s automatic can filling machines.

Why should you choose our canning machines?

There are several reasons, and they can be summarized as follows: 

  • performance levels equal to the isobaric models
  • ease of use
  • affordability

In fact, thanks to the gravity valve, which also reduces CO2 consumption, our canning machines have the same controlled performance levels as the isobaric models. At the same time, however, being completely electronic, they’re much easier and faster to regulate using the dedicated operator’s panel.

Let’s discover our offer:

Pegasus 8-1 V2 – This automatic canning machine leverages cutting-edge back-pressure filling technology to precisely fill aluminum cans with still or carbonated beverages. Equipped with electropneumatic filling valves and an industry-leading seamer, this machine ensures optimal performance for medium to low-capacity lines. It flushes cans with CO2, fills them with product, and securely seams the lids, guaranteeing high-quality finished products. With dedicated recipes for various beverages and optimal settings for filling parameters, including inert gas flushing and pressurization, it accommodates beer, water, soft drinks, wine, and more, catering to diverse production needs. It can fill up to 4,000 CPH.


Microbrew 10-2 – this compact monoblock is an automatic canning machine designed for small to medium-sized breweries. Equipped with electropneumatic filling valves and counter-pressure technology, it flawlessly fills both still and carbonated drinks. This top-selling solution ensures premium quality and performance, with dedicated recipes for various products like beer, water, wine, soft drinks, and more. It can fill up to 6,000 CPH.


Microbrew 20-4 – this compact automatic canning machine combines filling and seaming functions on a single bench. Equipped with electropneumatic filling valves utilizing counter-pressure technology, it efficiently fills both still and carbonated beverages. Ideal for small to medium-sized breweries, this top-selling solution ensures high performance and quality output. It offers optimal settings for various filling parameters, customizable recipes for different products, and versatility in handling beer, water, wine, soft drinks, and ready-to-drink beverages. It can fill up to 12,000 CPH



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Can lines

Why adding an automatic canning machine to your line

For breweries and beverage manufacturers, the integration of an automatic canning machine is paramount for streamlining production processes. These machines offer rapid and precise canning capabilities, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency.

Today, moreover, such machines are becoming increasingly valuable as the beverage industry adopts cans as a preferred packaging option for beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks, and even water, driven largely by sustainability concerns. By incorporating an automatic canning machine into your production lines, you can significantly increase output while maintaining high-quality standards.

A canning machine for wine

If you’re a wine producer and want to win over consumers, a canning machine for your wines will certainly be a good purchase.

In fact, the recent trend of canned wine is one that some consumers have refused to accept (especially in Italy, one of the world’s main wine producers), but it’s slowly gaining ground, especially in the United States.

The global trend of moderate drinking is taking hold, and this has led to an increase in the sale of 250 ml cans of wine rather than 750 ml bottles.

This wine format’s positive trend is closely linked to the demand for product functionality and sustainability on the part of younger consumers.


Pre-mixed cocktails: a new challenge for canning machines

Popular also in sachet alternatives, ready-to-drink cocktails are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Perfectly mixed Negroni, Mojito, and Moscow mule cocktails, ideal for a last-minute aperitif.

In order to ensure that the product tastes as fresh as can be, cans are definitely the best option, as they eliminate perishability issues.

These are very popular in the HO.RE.CA. sector, especially hotels that want to pamper their guests by offering an in-suite minibar with an ever greater selection.

Are you ready to take your production line to the next level? Choose Co.Mac for your automatic canning machine.

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