Master RS Glass/PET


The MASTER RS GLASS / PET model is based on back pressure filling technology, and is suitable for filling carbonated and still beverages into glass and PET bottles. This machine is the result of advanced research and development towards very high quality standards. With this machine, CFT Group offers one of the best technologies for medium / high capacity lines.



  • Excellent performance in terms of filling accuracy, product treatment and oxygen content control, with phases controlled by plc
  • Centralized decompression recovery system
  • Hygienic design combined with robust construction


  • Still and sparkling water
  • Carbonated and non-carbonated drinks
  • Beer, juices (fruit and vegetables) filled hot (80-90 ° c) or cold
  • Still and sparkling wine
  • Ready-to-drink products and liqueurs


  • Glass bottles
  • PET bottles