Soft drink canning process and solutions

Soft drink canning process requires innovative, efficient, safe and reliable machines, such as those made by Comac. Here are their characteristics and our recommendations.



Soft drink canning process requires very precise precautions, with the final objective of maintaining unaltered the organoleptic characteristics of the beverage treated. That’s why it is fundamental to have efficient and reliable machines at disposal.

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Comac machines for soft drink canning process

Comac offers several machines for the soft drink canning process of any format: aluminium, steel and tinplate. The various models are all automatic and divided according to the required production capacity. It is therefore possible to find perfect machines for every type of activity, from microbreweries to large productions.

Due to these machines, it is possible to package all types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, still and sparkling likewisewine, water, beer, ready-to-drink, hard seltzer, etc..

Microbrew 10-2

The Microbrew 10-2 soft drink canning machine has a maximum output of 6,000 cans per hour, a compact monoblock that houses both the filling and seaming machine in a single bench.

Specifically, this machine is a favorite within the craft beer market, as it is expressly designed for small and medium sized breweries.




Microbrew 20-4

This machine for softdrink canning is similar to the model described above although it features a higher production output. Mircobrew 20-4 is in fact able to pack up to 12,000 cans per hour, thus boasting high performance in relation to the type of monoblock.

As for all Comac machines, this filler guarantees a high-quality finished product, due to the use of technical solutions equal to those used in monoblocks with a higher production output.




Smartcan 8-1

The Smartcan 8-1 soft drink canning machine has a maximum production output of 3,000 cans per hour and features a gravity filling valve capable of handling carbonated beverages without having to pressurize the container. Moreover, Smartcan 8-1 is a very versatile monoblock – It actually sets dedicated recipes for different types of beverages, which can be easily programmed and selected from the operator panel.




Pegasus 8-1 V2

With a maximum capacity of 4,000 cans per hourPegasus 8-1 V2 is the perfect solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses, yet offers performance equivalent to a high-capacity monoblock.




Soft drink canning – Production process

The soft drink canning process is structured in three main steps:

  • Rinsing: cans are first rinsed to prepare them for the next filling step;
  • Back-pressure filling: cans are filled by means of a system of electro pneumatic filling valves. Comac soft drink canning machines allow the precise setting of all filling parameters (inert gas flushing, pressurization, filling, decompression);
  • Seaming: once the filling phase is over, the can is seamed with its lid.

Moreover, due to the presence of several ancillary machines, the product can undergo different treatments, thus obtaining top-quality drinks.


Why choose us: our services

The great efficiencyreliability and versatility of our soft drink canning machines are not the only reason to choose us.

Comac also offers its customers many services, following every phase of the project:

  • 24h Service, Mondays through Saturdays, to ensure immediate technical support for troubleshooting and restoring operation of the machines;
  • Efficient Spare Parts Department to meet any request from its customers;
  • Customized plants, offering tailored solutions that can meet any technical and production requirement.


Are you in doubt about the most suitable soft drink canning machine for your company? We will be glad to help you!

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