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keg washer is an essential machine to guarantee the best parameters of hygiene and safety to the beverage you are storing into kegs. Washing the kegs, in fact, is a process that eliminates all the dangerous agents inside and outside, preventing the contamination of the product during the keg filling process.

Comac has been producing washing systems for kegs for more than twenty years. On this page we present three different product lines: the first one includes the most basic keg washers for small and craft activities; the second product line includes keg washers designed to clean the outside of the kegs; the third one, on the other hand, is specialized in the cleaning of the internal surface of kegs.

Keg washers for small industries

For small and home-based industries we produce some efficient, compact and reliable keg washers. These machines are usually semi-automatic: you just have to load the keg into position and press the right button, the washer will clean the keg first, then fill it with the beverage. The smallest model, displayed in the picture below, can process up to 18 kegs per hour.

If you need a bigger keg washer, you can rely on the model optimized for up to 36 kegs per hour:

Or, you can choose one of the systems introduced in the next paragraphs.

Keg washers for the external surface of kegs

Comac produces different external keg washers to perform the cleaning of the external surface of kegs. Our solutions include one to three sections with one or two lanes, along which the kegs move to be processed by the machine. Each section is provided with a container for the washing solution, filters, a centrifugal pump and a device to monitor the temperature of the solution itself.
The centrifugal pump draws the solution from the container to the nozzles provided to spray it on the kegs: some models are equipped with high-pressure systems in order to remove even the paper labels on the kegs. The plant is provided with doors to easily access it for cleaning and periodic maintenance.

If you are afraid that the cleaning solution itself could be contaminate by dirt and impurities, you can provide the keg washer with additional filters that, once the dirt is detected, automatically perform the filtering of the liquid. The filters are self-cleaning, which means you do not need to maintain them over time.

Keg washers for the internal surface of kegs

Comac also produces internal keg washers for the cleaning of the inside of the kegs. We can provide different machines with a variable number of tanks of adequate capacity to storage the cleaning solution, ready to be used on the kegs whenever it is necessary. All the keg washers are equipped with monitoring systems to check at any time the cleaning solution and the process of keg washing in a fully automated way.

In addition, they are realized with the best materials to grant their endurance and hygiene, such as the stainless steel AISI 304L for the tanks (AISI 316L in case the tanks are to be filled with acid solutions).