Innovation, Development, and Customer Care: Here’s 2022 for Comac

2022 for Comac has proven to be full of news. We worked day after day on finding innovative and effective solutions to be up to the requirements of an increasingly-demanding and global market. Find them all out in this article.


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For Comac, 2022 has proven to be the year where innovation and development have undoubtedly been the main keywords.

Following the evolution of the beverage industry, we worked on adapting our offer to the new market challenges. Therefore, we broadened our range of machines suited to treat every type of beverage – from beer to wine, including Ready-To-Drink beverages and soft drinks (a growing trend around the world), in kegs, cans, and bottles.

Let’s see this year’s main news:


Compact flash pasteurizer – Effectiveness and control

Let’s start with our new flash pasteurizer – Compact. It was designed to reach a specific goal, that is, attaining quality performance in a safe and controlled way.

This machine was developed for beer pasteurization and offers an output capacity ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 liters per hour. A highly versatile pasteurizer, this machine can be integrated into all the beverage packaging lines designed by Comac – kegs, cans, and bottles.

Due to this machine, product can be automatically fully pasteurized. Also, a control panel allows for production optimization, thus reducing waste and necessary time while ensuring constant monitoring of all processing parameters.


A few characteristics of our Compact flash pasteurizer:

  • a hot water circulation system, including a heating system that works through steam injection into a water/steam mixer, pressure reducer with a steam modulating valve, water circulation centrifugal pump, temperature probe, and other elements.
  • a high-pressure centrifugal pump, controlled by a frequency converter, and a booster pump, which maintains the differential pressure in the heat exchanger between the pasteurized and unpasteurized product.
  • a coolant circuit, equipped with a centrifugal pump, feed modulating valve, pressure indicator, temperature indicator, and manual valves.

Moreover, in order to ensure the easiest possible installation, the pasteurizer and the buffer are installed on a skid. It is therefore unnecessary to disassemble them prior to delivery.


pastorizzatore flash

Find more about our flash pasteurizer!

Flash pasteurizer


Can depalletizer – For a more complete line

To broaden our range of can lines, in 2022 we welcomed a brand-new model of depalletizer compatible with aluminum cans of any format.

This machine has a production output ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 cans per hour, a maximum capacity of 180 kg, a power of 3 to 4 kW, and – once the operator has manually loaded and unloaded the pallet and removed the top frame – it works in a fully automatic way.

From a technical point of view, our new depalletizer stands out for:

  • The possibility to use a manual or electric pallet truck or a forklift for loading and unloading operations.
  • Its compact dimension, so that it can be placed even in small spaces.
  • The possibility to adapt to the customer’s line layout.
  • Its brushless motorization, which optimizes power consumption.
  • Its gear motor, mounted at the bottom and is easily accessible for maintenance operations.
  • Its extreme safety and effectiveness, due to a front stop that reduces the risk of falling cans.



Find more about our depalletizer!



HIVE keg line – Comac little one

Lastly, for keg filling purposes, here’s our new keg line HIVE. Suited explicitly to keg beer and wine, this machine can fill up to 18 kegs per hour with stainless steel containers and up to 45 kegs per hour with one-way plastic containers. This is therefore the ideal solution for production requirements targeting small businesses.

Its structure is very robust and made up of a single washing/filling head, with a storage tank for detergent solution. The main advantages of this machine include:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Safe to handle
  • High hygienic standards



Find out more about our new HIVE keg line!

HIVE keg line


Some things never change – Our technical assistance and service

Basically, 2022 has been a year under a sign of innovation; Nonetheless, an aspect of our job never changes: the attention and care we are committed with, through our customer service.

As always, our customers are guaranteed a 24-hour assistance service – Mondays through Saturdays – so that we are always ready and able to offer prompt and effective solutions, if necessary.


We can always be reached remotely, to control and diagnose potential problems concerning your plant. This means we are able to get to our machines everywhere in the world. Due to a router installed on many plants, the situation can be monitored in real time, thus minimizing machine downtime and production slowdown.

In short, if on one hand innovation is at the heart of our daily activity, on the other hand, we are committed to never losing sight of another goal that is equally important: a customer that is satisfied, from the beginning to the end of their experience with Comac.


Let’s start the new year together. We’re waiting for you!

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