Choosing an isobaric beer can filler

An isobaric beer can filler is the ideal solution to better preserve your beer. Take a look at proposals from Comac to find the right one.

Dixie Microbrew 20-4

Bottling a drink such as beer requires a very careful process, since the product quality is closely linked to its flavor and texture, which must not be altered during the packaging process.

There are different packaging types: in bottles, in cans and in kegs.

As for cans, an isobaric filler is ideal for brewers to keep the quality of the product intact. In this article we will see:

Why choosing an isobaric beer can filler

Filling cans with isobaric machines is particularly effective for carbonated products and is far the most popular among breweries. Isobaric fillers, in fact, avoid the formation of foam and the liquid leaks during the filling phase, while keeping the taste of the beer unaltered.

Comac offers fully automatic filling machines capable of filling a great number of cans per hour of any format (aluminum and tinplate) according to the customer’s requirements. The two main machine categories include:

Main isobaric fillers from Comac models

Here are the main isobaric can filler models from Comac:





PEGASUS 8-1 V2: Isobaric can filler

capable of filling 4,000 – 12 oz. cans per hour






MICROBREW 10-2 (6,000 CPH): Isobaric filler

capable of filling up to 6,000 cans/hour.





MICROBREW 20-4 (12,000 CPH): Isobaric filler

capable of filling up to 12,000 cans/hour.



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