Cans, bottles and kegs: which should you choose? The different types of beverage packaging and their benefits

The sturdiness of kegs, the lightness of aluminum, or the sustainability of glass? In beverage packaging there’s no absolute winner, just various alternatives that are more or less better suited to a company’s products and sales goals. Let’s take a look at the strengths of the three main types of packaging used by Comac’s packaging lines: cans, bottles and kegs.


The choice of the perfect packaging depends on many factors: the type of beverage to be packaged, its market position, the budget available for the materials, the brand identity, and much more. Each type of packaging offers several benefits: to make the right choice, you just need to have a clear idea of your production needs and the requirements to be met.

This article summarizes the different types of beverage packaging and their main benefits.


The benefits of packaging in cans

The main strengths offered by cans are the sustainability, lightness and versatility of aluminum.

Available in different formats, some of the most popular current beverages are sold in cans, even craft beers.

Since it combines lightness and sustainability, two characteristics that are highly appreciated by end consumers, aluminum often proves to be a winning choice. It’s also a relatively inexpensive material that’s infinitely 100% recyclable, unlike other products, such as plastic.

What’s another positive aspect? Cans are one of the most versatile types of packaging when it comes to beverages: in fact, the container can be entirely customized with colorful and captivating graphics, even printed directly on the aluminum (a process which also eliminates the labels).


The benefits of packaging in glass bottles

Sustainability, better perceived quality, and beverage stability: three factors that should not be underestimated.

In one of our articles dedicated to bottle filling machines and their benefits we pointed out how various industry studies have shown that glass packaging results in better perceived quality on the part of the consumer, both in terms of product flavor and a sense of greater sophistication.

This is mainly due to the fact that the rigidity and non-permeability of the glass provides for better product stability, especially in the case of sparkling beverages.

In addition to this considerable advantage, glass is also a valid packaging solution in terms of environmental sustainability, much like aluminum. In fact, it’s infinitely 100% recyclable.


The benefits of packaging in stainless steel and PET kegs

A timeless type of packaging that always offers sturdiness, high capacity, and practicality.

Being the largest and sturdiest type of packaging available, Kegs remain one of the most popular when it comes to beverages.

If your typical client owns a restaurant or food service business, the steel keg is certainly the best choice. In fact, this type of packaging guarantees convenient dispensing, greater protection against air and light, and more consistent beverage quality over time.

If you want to expand your customers, PET kegs can be a suitable solution for both businesses and individuals, thanks to the simplified disposal of the container and its ease of use, which does not require a professional tapper.


Comac can provide you with the ideal packaging system based on the type of packaging chosen for your beverages. Discover the efficiency and reliability of our machinery.

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