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For beverage packaging, Comac designs and manufactures different keg filling machine models according to production capacity. Let’s see all their features.


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Choosing the right keg filling machine for your business requires a selection process that is anything but trivial, because several variables need to be considered, among which the type of beverage you want to process, the size of your business, the size of your distribution network, and more. The most important, however, is the number of kegs per hour that you want to fill.

Comac designs and manufactures semi-automatic and automatic systems for packaging drinks in kegs of any size.

Semi-automatic keg filling machine models

In this category we find a series of semi-automatic models of keg filling machines, with a production capacity ranging from 15 to 40 kegs per hour. These filling machines are the most suitable for medium-small productions and are designed to process stainless steel and one-way plastic kegs.

Smart Kegging Machine – K1

Smart Kegging Machine – K1 keg filling machine is designed and manufactured for small productions and has a production range of 15-18 kegs per hour. It includes a washing/filling head and one or two tanks for storage of detergent solutions.

This keg filling machine is robust, easy to use and highly reliable from a hygienic point of view.


Smart Kegging Machine – K2

Smart Kegging Machine – K2 keg filling machine is capable of processing and filling from 30 to 36 kegs per hour.

This filling machine includes a washing head and a filling head, as well as one, two or three detergent tanks. Maintenance is quick and easy and very little space is required due to its compact size.


Automatic keg filling machine models

For medium and large sized businesses, Comac offers several models of automatic and very performing keg filling machines, with a production capacity that can even reach over 1,000 kegs per hour.

All these filling machines are characterized by great cutting-edge technology, with quality of raw materials, which make them extremely reliable and resistant. The plants are designed to automatically perform the washing and filling cycle. Due to a PLC and an operator panel (HMI), the operator can set and control all the operating parameters.

These keg filling machines are also able to process any type of beverage, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, for stainless steel and plastic kegs.

Included in the Comac range are:

  • Capri K31 – 3+1T (50-55 kegs/hour)
  • Trieste K42 – 4+2T (60-70 kegs/hour)
  • Verona K51 – 5+1T (60-70 kegs/hour)
  • Bologna K52 – 5+2T (70-80 kegs/hour)
  • Torino K61 – 6+1T (70-80 kegs/hour)
  • Milano K62 – 6+2T (70-80 kegs/hour)


Photo: Trieste K42

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The keg filling machine BERGAMO HS6T is the model with the highest production capacity, designed for high-speed and high-efficiency production lines. The system is composed of three modules: one for pre-washing, one for washing and one for filling, each of which is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and equipped with six treatment heads.

Thanks to this keg filling machine, optimizing cycle times is possible due to a fast-loading system and a working cycle that does not require the keg to be moved inside the machine.


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Why choose a Comac keg filling machine

As we have seen, a keg filling machine by Comac has considerable advantages, including:

  • Use of resistant and high quality materials;
  • High efficiency of the entire system in order to minimize possible machine downtimes;
  • Possibility to design and manufacture customized plants according to specific customer requirements.

Are you still in doubt about the most suitable keg filling machine for your company? Our professionals will be glad to help you.

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