The importance of professional packaging

Micro brewing is a becoming all over the world more and more popular as a professional activity. However, many microbreweries still underestimate the importance of using professional micro brewing equipment to make beer, as a choice of quality and safety.

We dedicate this page to the solutions for beer packaging: the last and conclusive step of beer making. Even in small micro breweries, the right machine can be a convenient investment to save time, improve quality and hygiene, preserve taste, and definitely bring your business to the professional level.

Let’s take a look!

Micro brewery equipment: the importance of a professional machine

Why should you include a professional packaging system in your micro brewing equipment? There are many reasons:


One of the most important purposes of micro brewing equipment is the protection of the beer from external agents that could damage the liquid. The packaging system makes no exception: a professional machine can package the beer in a protected environment that prevents any contamination of the product. In addition, it must be considered that it is uncommon, for a microbrewery, to pasteurize or filter the beer to the point of removing all the microorganisms that live in the liquid. Therefore, the packaging system should perform a process that is called oxygen pick up, in order to prevent the oxidation of the beer and the consequent proliferation of dangerous agents in the liquid. Only a professional packaging system can carry out the pick up, scattering the oxygen from the top of the beer while pouring it into bottles, kegs or cans. Consider this reason when choosing the machines to include in your micro brewing equipment.


Speed and accuracy are the qualities of professional micro brewing equipment. Even if you are a small industry, the loss of time and money is a problem that you cannot afford: a professional packaging system prevents any waste of the product while processing it, thanks to the many precautions studied to save even the smallest drop of beer. At the same time, a professional system can speed up the process of bottling, canning or kegging, increasing the productivity of your business.


Any home-made micro brewing equipment can easily break. Imagine the damage on the beer if a system breaks down during the processing of the product! A professional packaging system is designed and created to last for years, granting the same quality and speed over time. Ensure that the machinery is realized with stainless steel, an alloy known for its resistance and hygiene.

Comac equipment for micro breweries

Comac has been producing machines and plants for breweries for over twenty years, earning international experience with small and big costumers all over the world. Among our products, we sell packaging equipment for microbreweries: compact and affordable plants for bottling, canning or kegging, the best choice to complete your micro brewing equipment.

All the machines can perform the rinsing cycle, the filling and the capping of the beer:

The automatic machines for bottling are compact monoblock units that can process up to 6,000 bottles per hour. Whatever the choice, you’ll have a compact machine that guarantees speed, hygiene and time-savings.

You work with cans? No problem, we have also automatic canning machines that can process up to 4,000 cans per hour: a smaller model up to 3,000 CPH and a bigger one up to 4,000 CPH. Compact size, automation, reliability: all Comac strengths made simple and easy to use.

If you need to pack you beer into kegs, we have semi-automatic kegging systems to process up to 40 kegs per hour. These machines are particularly compact and easy to use, designed to perfectly fit in a micro brewery.

All our plants and machines are realized with a special stainless steel alloy, called AISI 304, that is renowned in industrial use for its strength, resistance and hygiene. It is a material that resists for years without rust and corrosion, guaranteeing the best quality to the final product of your brewing activity.