Keg fillers and washers

Keg fillers and washers have similar features: automatic, compact and equipped with heads of treatment (washing and filling) and intermediate stop stations, according to the model. The modular structure allows it to be placed side by side in order to increase the yield of the plant.

keg fillers

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Keg fillers for any kind of business

The keg fillers are perfectly integrated in the washing machines and can process the same quantity of cans per hour. The fillers are equipped with automatic sanitizing systems that guarantee the best hygiene before pouring the beverage into the kegs. Automatic transport systems are not included in the line, but can be added on request.

In case you do not need a keg washer, but you still need a machine for keg filling, Comac produces kegs fillers without integrated washer. These machines can process even more than 200 kegs per hour and are ideal for both small and medium-large activities, thanks to their modular construction.

Available keg washers

Comac produces different models of keg washer, according to the size of the customer and the production needs. The machines vary in the number of kegs that can be treated each hour:

  • Keg washer up to 15 kegs per hour
  • Keg washer up to 36 kegs per hour
  • Keg washer up to 60 kegs per hour, available in different models

All the models are integrated with a filling system that makes them a complete solution to process kegs.

Kegs fillers and washers: the main features

The main features of Comac keg fillers and washers are:

1. The washing and the filling heads are made of stainless steel AISI 304L (AISI 316L in case of washing with acid solution), internal roughness <0.6 μ, EPDM, PTFE shutter valves and magnetic sensors to control the opening of the fitting.

2. The fill mode can be controlled by conductivity sensor or through the flowmeter.

3. In the automatic keg washers a mechanical arm introduces in the machine the kegs that are to be treated, moving them by a pneumatic translation system, fitted with sensors that allow the control of the working cycle. In the semi-automatic systems the operator loads and moves manually the kegs.

4. The cabinet is made of stainless steel (IP54), with PLC and software for the check of the production cycles; the control pushbutton panel, made of stainless steel (IP54), is provided with operator panel for the control and setting of the operating parameters.

5. The system is supplied with automatic sanitizing and must be equipped with transport systems of input and output and with the reservoirs of washing solutions, supplied on request.

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