Keg Lines

Automatic and semi automatic keg lines for the processing and packaging of beverages in kegs of any size. Our kegging systems are made favoring the technical specific customers’ requirements, choosing between the best available solutions in the wide range of machines that Comac produces.

Our kegging systems are divided into three categories:

  • semiautomatic systems for productions of up to 40 kegs/hour
  • automatic systems for productions ranging from 40 to 250 kegs/hour
  • automatic systems for productions over 250 kegs/hour

The plants, designed for stainless steel kegs, can also be adapted for one-way plastic kegs.

The twenty years of technical expertise, the high technology and the quality of raw materials ensure the plant reliability and the optimum yields. These systems are implemented in order to simplify and speed up the change over procedures.

Keg lines: features and advantages

Comac keg lines are the result of a process of innovation that, over the years, has been optimizing their features to gain efficiency and minimize product waste. Comac kegging systems:

  • Are realized with the best materials, such as the stainless steel AISI 304
  • Are designed to carry out automatically the washing and the filling of kegs
  • They are compact and designed to best fit in the spaces of each industry
  • Are equipped with highly technological content, even in the smallest plant

Customize your kegging system

Moving from the benchmark of the existing models, Comac can manufacture highly customized kegging systems, designed according to the needs of each specific customer. Customized systems provide many advantages:

  • they can meet any technical and production requirement
  • they maximize the efficiency of the entire plant
  • they optimize the available space

In addition, Comac kegging systems can be completed by a series of ancillary machines, such as the external and internal keg washers, the pasteurizer machine, a range of control stations, capping and decapping stations, keg fillers and many others. No matter what your specific need may be: we can discuss it together and find the best solution to make you save time, money and improve quality.

This type of plants has been developed and built by the CFT group.