Canning line for breweries: create it with Comac

The world of beer is constantly evolving, and successful breweries know that keeping up with consumer needs is crucial. That’s why choosing a high-quality canning line can make the difference, and here’s where Comac comes into play! Trust us and take a look at our offerings!



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Comac’s offer for canning filling

Opting for a canning line by Comac is a strategic investment for breweries aiming at excellence in the canned beer production.

Our attention to the quality of the materials employed, and our technical know-how allow us to offer reliable, highly-performing canning plants, designed to simplify and streamline format change operations.

Our wide range is focused on automatic solutions dedicated to the process and filling of cans for breweries. These plants have been engineered to meet specific customer needs, ensuring the utmost efficiency and quality of the final results.

Our automatic machines can pack from 3,000 up to 12,000 cans per hour, guaranteeing consistent production. For productions exceeding 12,000 cans per hour, up to a maximum of 70,000 cans per hour, we collaborate with the CFT Group.

Among our solutions for breweries, you can find:

canning-line-for-breweriesMicrobrew 10-2: this is a compact monobloc ideal for small and medium-sized craft breweries. With electropneumatic filling valves and counter-pressure filling technology, it guarantees high performance and a final product quality comparable to that ensured by machines with higher productive yields. This model offers customizable settings for inert gas flushing, pressurization, filling, and decompression, as well as the possibility to set recipes dedicated to different products.

canning-line-for- breweries 2Microbrew 20-4: like its “younger sister” 10-2, this is a compact solution that combines a filler and a seamer in a reduced space, ideal for canning craft beer. This model also uses electropneumatic filling valves with counter-pressure technology, ensuring consistent filling with both still and carbonated drinks. This machine is certainly an excellent choice for those seeking efficiency and high quality.

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The benefits of a canning line for breweries

If you’re wondering why a brewery should invest in a canning line, you should know there are several key reasons that make this a winning decision:

  • Increased production: an efficient canning line for breweries can significantly boost the brewery’s production capacity. This means better meeting the market demand and seizing new business opportunities.
  • Cost reduction and sustainability: canning lines are designed to optimize the use of resources such as water and energy, reducing overall operational costs. Additionally, minimizing waste and packaging materials contributes to enhancing the brewery’s sustainability.
  • Quality improvement: cans provide excellent protection against light and oxygen, thereby preserving the beer’s freshness and flavor. A high-quality canning line ensures that every can is perfectly sealed, maintaining all the organoleptic characteristics of the product to the fullest.


How a canning line works

A canning line must follow a rigorous process to ensure the highest quality of the final product.

Let’s take a look at the main steps:

  • Feeding the empty cans: the process starts with placing empty cans on the production line.
  • Can rinsing: then, cans are thoroughly rinsed to remove any contaminants or residues.
  • Filling: a conveyor belt feeds the empty cans into the filling machine. Here, containers are accurately filled with beer to maintain excellent hygiene standards, ensure correct measurement, and minimize waste.
  • Lid placement: once the filling process is completed, lids are placed on the cans through automatic picking.
  • Can seaming: finally, the cans are hermetically sealed to preserve the beer’s freshness and flavor.


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What to expect from your canning line

In order to choose the right canning line for breweries, it’s crucial to pay particular attention to certain elements to be sure to get an efficient and high-quality product:

  • Flexibility: a canning line should be able to handle different sizes and types of cans, allowing the brewery to easily adapt to market demands.
  • Production speed: it’s instrumental that the line’s production capacity is aligned with the brewery’s needs to meet the required production capacity.
  • Reliability: a dependable canning line is essential for constant production and minimizing downtime.

By trusting Comac, you won’t only have the certainty of finding all these features, but you will also rely on excellent customer service and product customization, thanks to our tailor-made canning plants for breweries.


Choose genuine quality for your beer. Comac is at your disposal!

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