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In the field of microbreweries and craft breweries, when the choice of the beer equipment comes, the importance of the packaging system is often underestimated. Many businesses, in fact, rely on non-professional equipment or choose to pack their beer elsewhere, renouncing to an investment that could be extremely convenient over time.

In Comac we offer cutting edge solutions for canning, barrel and bottling packaging to be integrated to a beer equipment.

Let’s see in details our solutions:

1. Equipment for beer canning

Canning is a very common solution in beer packaging. Many large industries in the brewery sector have chosen canning to pack beer, sometimes alongside bottling. The cans do not have the same traditional aura as the bottles, but on the other hand, they offer a more innovative, modern and easy image: a perfect choice if you want to pack a beer for a young audience.

Comac canning machines include solutions for different industries:

2. Equipment for packaging in beer kegs

Keg packaging is the least common beer packaging process on the B2C market, but the most commonly used when a brewery wishes to sell its beer to another industry or business in significant quantities. The reasons are known and depend on the need to save space and time in large scale packaging and transport. Keg packaging is much faster than bottling and canning; it is also cheaper because, for example, a single barrel should be sterilized instead of many bottles, using a machine for proper keg washing.


Discover Comac solutions for beer keg packaging:

3. Equipment for beer bottling

Drinks can be bottled in glass or PET bottles. As far as beer packaging is concerned, it is very unusual to choose PET bottles, as a long series of reasons make glass bottles advisable. Choose glass for your packaging if you want to communicate a high quality of the beer, since this is the material traditionally used for beer bottles. Glass is hygienic, aesthetically pleasing and natural. It is almost an obligation if you own a craft brewery and want to offer a craftsman look that respects a long tradition.

Comac offers a wide range of automatic solutions for beer bottling:


The importance of a complete beer equipment:
Which are the reasons that suggest including a packaging system among your beer equipment?

  • Hygiene and Safety
    The first reason to choose a professional packaging system is hygiene: using non-professional tools could end up in the contamination of the beer you are brewing. But it is not only a matter of hygiene: external agents in the beer could considerably spoil the authentic and original taste of the product, reducing dramatically the quality of your beer. However, the most important matter here is safety: as for all the other beer equipment, a home-arranged packaging system could fill your beer with agents dangerous for human health.


  • Speed
    The biggest quality of a professional packaging system is speed: including it among your beer equipment will considerably speed up your production, giving you filled and capped cans. kegs or bottles with minimum effort and in no time.


  • Convenience
    Convenience is a key element when you rely on an external beer-packaging supplier to pack your beer into bottles or cans. In fact, have you ever considered the time and money spent to move the beer from your brewery to the supplier? This is extremely inconvenient even if you produce small quantities of beer. In that case, of course, you can not afford a professional packaging system of your own; but, as soon as your production rises up to the point where you consider to sell your beer outside your brewery, buying a personal packaging equipment is a wise choice, and you should include a professional plant or machine among your beer equipment.


  • Control
    Control is essential as far as any kind of beer equipment is concerned. The packaging machinery is not an exception: having a professional machine lets you control every step of the packaging, from the cleaning to the filling, up to the capping of bottles or cans. Control is important when you want to prevent any waste of beer, any risk of contamination, any problem during the operation, that could potentially spoil months of work. Choose wisely only the beer equipment that you can check at will.


  • Branding
    Having your own professional packaging system grants you a wide range of customization possibilities. Thanks to that, you can design your favorite beer packaging and start selling branded bottles or cans of your craft-made beer. Everybody knows that image is extremely important in marketing, as you will be known and recognized through that.



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