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Beer Bottle Filler

Comac is an Italian company that manufactures beer bottle fillers such as semi-automatic and automatic systems for processing and packaging the beer in bottles of any size.

Comac’s investment on research and development activities aims to solve the problems that may arise in the bottling market challenges, and has taken to the creation of new technological solutions for beer bottle fillers. Among them, a new electronic filling valves for the bottling industry or some electro-pneumatic filling valves with a special air pre-evacuation feature.


Features of a beer bottle filler

A beer bottle filler features a series of characteristics that are necessary to properly bottle beer and other drinks, and a technology that Comac has been studying and developing for more than twenty years in order to always deliver up-do-date machines.


An automatic beer bottle filler is equipped with a bottle auto detect located on the conveyor. If there is no bottle in the machine, a photocell stops the machine and the electro valves, while a turret automatic height adjustment system accommodates bottles with different height.


Beer bottle filler: available models

Comac has developed different kind of highly technological beer bottle fillers in order to satisfy the most various needs. The aim is to package any size and type of beer bottle, especially glass ones.

Here’s the range of Comac’s beer bottle fillers:


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Automatic beer bottle filler up to 4.000 bottles per hour

This beer bottle filler is suitable for microbreweries and small beverage industries searching for a professional solution. Hygienic, easy to use and compact-sized, this machine is completely automatic and reliable.

Automatic beer bottle filler up to 12.000 bottles per hour


Ideal for growing companies, this kind of beer bottle filler is available in various models and customizable so to efficiently satisfy the needs of either low and high production.


Automatic beer bottle filler for over 12.000 bottles per hour



Hygienic, safe and reliable, this machine is designed for big industries that deal with high production levels such as Carlsberg and Heineken.

Comac’s beer bottle filler: hygiene and innovation



Since 1990 Comac has been developing and producing technological types of beer bottle filler to solve bottling market problems and challenges.

Here are the details of a Comac beer bottle filler:

  • it has specific features for the treatment of beer, such as the oxygen pick-up devices designed to minimize the oxidation of the product and monitor the level of oxygen during the filling process
  • it is designed to rinse, fill and cap any kind of bottle
  • it is hygienic and made of stainless steel AISI 304, an alloy which is resistant to corrosion, acids and rust
  • it is equipped with an automatic device that cleans the filling valves to avoid any risk of contamination during the bottling process
  • it features a control panel to easily check the process anytime
  • it is fast and reliable

A further characteristic of a Comac beer bottle filler lies in the fact that it is completely customizable so to fit various production sizes on the base of the client’s need.


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