One-way keg system: discover our 1T-OW filling model

This is one of the Comac system presented to Drinktec 2013: it has got a great success and a lot of appreciation especially from the small craft breweries that are considering the possibility of using the one way plastic kegs to market their products.

Riempitrice per fusti One-way

Tall, slender, strong, attractive and easily manageable. I’m not talking about the fashion model of the moment, but about the Comac one-way keg system mod. 1T- OW: single head, semi-automatic, suitable for filling one-way plastic kegs, with a nominal output up to 40 kegs / hour from 24 L of capacity.

This is one of the Comac system presented to Drinktec 2013: it has got a great success and a lot of appreciation especially from the small craft breweries that are considering the possibility of using the one way plastic kegs to market their products.

One-Way Keg Filler Machine

This machine has very interesting measures that allow it to be placed in small spaces: it is about 850 mm long, 780 mm wide, 2,000 mm high and empty it weights about 250 kg. It ‘s very robust thanks to its structure in AISI 304 stainless steel and is equipped with height-adjustable feet.

This machine, thanks to its casing, is very safe and protects the operator from possible splashes and manufacturing defects of the keg.

The total cycle time for filling the keg, calculated starting from the manual positioning of the same on the supporting base, passing through the different phases of cleaning and filling up to its manual unloading, is about 80 seconds and it allows to fill about 40 one way plastic kegs per hour.

The keg is filled from the top in order to avoid the rollover operation and, upon request, we can provide the structure with a side opening which supports a conveyor belt to allow the operator to download the kegs manually and sideways.

Since the keg does not need to be washed inside before being filled, this machine is equipped with a single tank which is used as a container of hot water necessary to wash the fitting of the keg and to perform, at a later time, the wash cycle of the machine itself, named CIP cleaning in place .


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