People at Drinktec 2013 – Fabio Giacometti

Fabio Giacometti

Today we talk about Fabio Giacometti. At Drinktec 2013 he will be at Customers’ disposal to meet any technical and commercial requests.

Tasks: Sales Manager for the national and international markets.

In COMAC Fabio is one of the referents for the bottling sector and he is supported by various collaborators, he is in charge of:

  1. Relationship with Customers
  2. Study of the markets and definition of the commercial strategies.
  3. Definition of the equipment technical specifications and technical evaluation of the same ones.
  4. Choice of the machines that make up the bottling – line
  5. Relationship with the suppliers

In the world of bottling and packaging for years, Fabio joined the Comac team in 2001 bringing with him, an unquestionable experience, kindness, availability and positivity: he can be told a gentleman of the past and certainly not for his age!

Languages spoken: Italian and English.

Innate qualities: reliability, availability. Fabio is a shy and reserved person with a strong personality; he is a tireless worker and he always present in the company… even when he is somewhere else.

Hobbies/Peculiarities: Travel (he has traveled the world far and wide), photography, fine cuisine and trekking.

Quotation: His quotation: “che lavoroooo…” (what a mess!) absolutely said in the manner of Parma.