Consumptions and energy saving: Comac for the Earth

Consumptions and energy saving are important issues for Comac Group, who has always paid special attention to the environment.

Consumi e Risparmio Energetico: Comac for the Earth

Consumi e Risparmio Energetico

As a matter of fact, besides complying with the safety and environmental regulations in force, the company has kept looking for further forms of promotion of an eco-friendly mentality and behaviours, even through apparently irrelevant details like the selection of promotional items manufactured with recycled or biodegradable materials or the meticulous selective waste collection in the company premises.

The renovation of the vehicles has also been an occasion to make an eco-friendly choice and finally, in 2010, Comac has decided to start using renewable energy sources and installed a series of photovoltaic power systems on its production sites in order to produce the electric power required to cover its whole consumption.

The same attention is paid to our customers’ consumptions, which we aim at reducing throughout all the different stages of each single project: from the design of the plant to the selection of the components and the constant cooperation with the customer even after the commissioning of the equipment, our efforts are concentrated on a thorough analysis of those points that can be improved in order to save as much energy as possible.

Consumi e Risparmio Energetico

Actually, the accurate studies carried out by our technical departments during the design and project of a plant result in important energy saving.

Some examples: motor starts and stops according to the real necessities of the line; precise dimensioning of the components installed; centrifugal pumps provided with frequency converters in order to guarantee the correct pressure required by the plant at all times; the efficiency of the motors has been improved using brushless motors instead of asynchronous motors, in order to reduce the power losses due to magnetizing currents.

Besides, we always bear in mind the concept of energy recovery in our machine work cycles and keep on working on this aspect in order to reduce the consumptions of all the utilities required for the plant operation. The skill and expertise of our technicians is essential and constantly offered to our customers, who have the chance to work in close contact with us, analysing data about the actual consumptions and outputs to detect the possible areas of intervention and measures to adopt.