Complete beverage bottling lines: Comac solutions

You can have a tailor-made plant, ready to meet your every requirement, thanks to Comac complete beverage bottling lines.


Having a complete, fully automatic beverage bottling line can make a real difference during the production process.

Based on the type of beverage to be bottled and the size of the bottling section, Comac is able to offer a customized system that can meet every specific requirement.

Starting from the different production demands, Comac complete beverage bottling lines can be selected into three large families:



In addition to bottling into classically-shaped glass bottles, these systems are also designed for bottles of different shapes and are able to bottle both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Complete beverage bottling lines up to 8,000 bottles/hour

These systems are designed to bottle up to 8,000 bottles/hour and they automatically rinse, fill, and cap bottles. Furthermore, they can be completed with conveyor systems and accessory machines according to customer requests and available installation space.


SAGITTA 12121P: Isobaric bottling machine model for production up to 3,000 bottles per hour.





Complete bottling lines up to 12,000 bottles/hour

This type of plant is able to bottle up to 12,000 bottles/hour and is designed and manufactured in collaboration with the CFT Group. The technology and components applied to make the bottling lines create high productivity plants.




Complete beverage bottling lines over 12,000 bottles/hour

This type of plant is also designed and manufactured in collaboration with the CFT Group. These complete beverage bottling lines are designed to automatically complete each production process phase starting from the rinsing cycle up to bottle capping.

These are complete bottling lines with an output over 12,000 bottles/hour, therefore designed for large productions, able to meet the highest quality requirements.




Comac will be your only point of reference during all phases, from design to site installation.

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