“Compact” flash pasteurizer: perfect for every need

Comac has launched the new compact flash pasteurizer, perfect for all beverage packaging lines: kegs, cans and bottles. Let’s discover its performances!


To be up to the demands of an increasingly-demanding global market, it is very important to be able to always offer innovative solutions.

For this reason, Comac has created the new “Compact” flash pasteurizer, designed specifically for the treatment of beer.

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The features of the “Compact” flash pasteurizer

The new “Compact” flash pasteurizer from Comac, with a production capacity ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 litres per hour, is very versatile – It can be adapted to all Comac beverage packaging lines: kegscans and bottles.

Thanks to this innovative machine, the product can be pasteurized in a completely automatic way. The presence of a control panel makes it possible not only to reduce waste and downtimes but also guarantee the constant monitoring of production parameters.

The “Compact” flash pasteurizer:

  • Includes a high-pressure centrifugal pump controlled by frequency converter and a booster pump, to maintain a differential pressure in the heat exchanger between the pasteurized and unpasteurized product;
  • Has a hot water recirculation system that includes a heating system by steam injection in water/steam mixer, a steam pressure reducer, a steam modulating valve, a water-recirculation centrifugal pump, a temperature probe and few other elements.
  • Has a coolant circuit equipped with a centrifugal pump, a feed modulating valve, a pressure indicator, a temperature indicator and some manual valves.
  • Is easy to install, since pasteurizer and buffer are mounted on a skid and therefore it is not necessary to disassemble them for shipment.

The “Compact” flash pasteurizer from Comac is, in short, designed to achieve high-quality performance in a controlled and safe way.


The advantages of relying on Comac

In addition to the exceptional quality of its machines and the continuous search for innovation to ensure ever-increasing performances, as in the case of the new Compact flash pasteurizer, Comac is the winning solution also for the wide range of services it offers, such as:

  • 24-hour technical assistance service, from Mondays to Saturdays, to guarantee the customer immediate technical support and solve possible problems in the shortest time possible, minimizing eventual machine downtime and consequences on the production. Moreover, some plants are equipped with a webcam so that our Service Department can evaluate the current problem, in real time and remotely;
  • An efficient Customer Care service, always ready to meet every requirement from the customer, both for technical assistance and for the supply of spare parts;
  • The possibility of tailor-made systems, specifically designed according to customer’s requirements.

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