Comac Group - Kegging & bottling plants

Customized System

Comac designs and manufactures complete plants and customized systems on technical requests of the Customers.

Comac provides the customers with its technical and marketing staff in order to study and propose customized solutions that can meet any technical and production requirements, ensuring the efficiency of the system and optimizing the available space.


The experience, gained in twenty years of work in this field, allows Comac to provide the customer with a pre and after sale service, assisted by a qualified technical support.



Reference models


Most of our customized systems are designed starting from the layout of the existing models, which are modified according to the customers’ needs. The reference models can be distinguished on the basis of the package provided:


Keg Lines are designed to process a number of kegs that varies from 15 units per hour to 200 units per hour and more. The machines are produced in both semi-automatic and automatic models to meet any industry requirement. They are accompanied by a series of ancillary machines such as keg washers, keg turners, capping and de-capping units and more.


Bottle lines include automatic machines and plants to fill from 1.500 up to 12.000 bottles per hour, and even more if requested. The plants complete the full cycle of rinsing, filling and capping the bottles and can be integrated by specific machines to carbonate the beverage, sanitize the packed bottles or heat/cool the beverage before processing.


Can lines are automatic systems to fill beverage into cans of any size. Like the solutions for kegs and bottles, also standard machines for canning are provided with different capacities, according to the customers’ needs: we produce plants to process from 1.500 up to 25.000 cans per hour and more.


As mentioned, the standard plants and machines listed above are just the starting point from which we design completely customized solutions. Our staff will be happy to meet you, take a coffee together and discuss the best layout for your activity.

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