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About us

The Customer Focus is the inspiring principle of Comac.

Comac is an upstream Company that, every day, chooses to walk the path of cultural growth and technological innovation of its staff to meet the challenges of a market that is increasingly globalized and competitive.

Our co-operators are our first asset, and through this wealth, we express an expertise and professionalism appropriate to an increasingly demanding market where the Customer is the beating heart. Doing business is our mission, doing it well means do it together: customers, employees, business.

Our main objective is to promote the maximum expression of the intellectual abilities of each person even for those who hold the most common tasks.

Thanks to this strength, Comac is more and more powerful and ready to meet the needs of the customers and to collect the difficult challenges of the world-wide market.



Innovative plants for beverage packaging


Our plants and machines are the most tangible expression of the values that drive our Company. Entirely customizable, affordable, efficient and durable, they embody decades of innovation. Each plant is designed according to the customer’s needs, offering a range of solutions that fit both the small breweries and the big beverage industry.


Keg Lines: keg lines include plants and machines to clean, sanitize and fill any kind of beverage into kegs. We design and manufacture plants of any size: from small machines to process 15 kegs per hour, up to big plants that can fill over 200 kegs per hour. Our offer is completed by a series of ancillary machines such as keg washers, capping stations, keg turners and lowers.


Bottle lines: bottle lines are automatic systems to package beverages into glass bottles of any size. The plants are also optimized for the treatment of special shaped bottles. We offer solutions for any type of industry: small and compact machines to process 1.400 bottles per hour, up to big plants for bottling more than 12.000 bottles per hour.


Can lines: besides bottles and kegs, cans are one of the most used package in the beverage industry. Can lines are thought to offer professional means of packaging to both small activities and big industries: we provide machines to process from 1.400 cans per hour up to 25.000 cans per hour, and more.


Bottle and can lines include different ancillary machines to provide a valuable solution to the many needs of beverage industries: saturation and premix units, pasteurizers, tunnels of heating and cooling and much more.

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