Comac automatic depalletizer for can lines

Are you looking for an automatic depalletizer for cans to complete your production line? Here is the new Comac model perfect for your needs.


Comac range of can filling accessory machines has been enriched with a new automatic depalletizer, which will make your can filling line even more complete and efficient.


The features of Comac automatic depalletizer

The new Comac automatic depalletizer, suitable for aluminum cans of any size, is an excellent solution to enrich your filling line.

With a production range from 3,000 to 15,000 cans per hour, a maximum capacity of 180 kg and a power of 3-4 KW, this depalletizer is able to autonomously carry out the work cycle, after manually loading and unloading the pallet and removingd the top frame.

The main features of the Comac automatic can depalletizer are:

  • Pallet length between 900 and 1,420 mm and width
  • between 800 and 1,200 mm;
  • Reduced overall dimensions that allow positioning even in small spaces;
  • Possibility of specific arrangement to adapt to the layout of the customer’s line;
  • Possibility of using a manual or electric pallet truck or forklift for loading and unloading operations;
  • Possibility of loading complete pallets or semi-pallets;
  • Brushless motorization that guarantees a reduction in electrical consumption;
  • Gear motor mounted at the bottom and easily accessible for maintenance operations;
  • Extreme safety and efficiency: a front stop prevents the danger of falling cans;
  • Conformity to EC + cULus standards.



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The advantages of relying on Comac

In addition to the absolute quality of the systems, Comac is also able to offer its customers a wide range of Customer Care services, following any requirements in every phase of their experience, from design to after-sales.

  • Technical assistance 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday, by phone, email and even remotely, to solve any problems while minimizing downtime;
  • Quick and efficient Spare Parts Office;
  • Possibility of customization of the plants, according to the customer’s needs.


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