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Beer Pasteurizer

Are you looking for a beer pasteurizer to improve the taste and duration of your beer? Comac Group produces a range of beer pasteurizers for both small and big breweries: discover our flash pasteurizers for keg beer and tunnel pasteurizers for beer bottles and cans.

Beer pasteurization is not an essential step in beer production, as the beer is naturally free from pathogens and contaminants dangerous for human health. However, pasteurizing beer is an efficient method to prevent taste degradation and extend shelf life of packaged beer. So, we suggest to pasteurize your beer especially if it will be shipped and sold outside your brewery.


There are two main ways to pasteurize beer: in the next paragraphs, we introduce them and suggest the appropriate machines to get the job done.



Beer pasteurizer for kegs

Usually, the most efficient way to pasteurize beer is to process the liquid when already packaged. However, this method does not apply to keg beer, as kegs are too big to properly fit in a pasteurization line. As a result, keg beer is pasteurized before being packaged.


The beer pasteurizer employed in this process is called flash pasteurizer. This machine is designed to heat the beer while it is flowing from the filter to the bright tank trough a pipe. As a consequence of the heating, all the unwanted microorganisms are neutralized.


Are you looking for an efficient pasteurizer for keg beer?

We produce a range of flash pasteurizers with different flowing capacities:

  • 900 liters per hour
  • 1000 liters per hour
  • 1500 liters per hour
  • 8800 liters per hour
  • 12000 liters per hour
  • 30000 and more liters per hour


On request, we can produce a machine with customized capacity to meet at best your brewery production size. The core of each machine is the heat exchanger plate, which is composed of three sections: regeneration, heating and final cooling of the product. The plate is made of stainless steel AISI 316L and fixed on a stainless steel AISI 304 frame, but most components of the machine are made with stainless steel, so to ensure maximum hygiene to the product.


On an electrical panel you can set, control and monitor the working cycles of the machine and record the values of all the variables controlling the phases of pasteurization.




Beer pasteurizer for bottles and cans

The best way to pasteurize beer bottles and cans is to process the already-packaged product. Beer is filled into bottles or cans, sealed and then moved to a tunnel pasteurizer. Basically, the machine sprays high-temperature water jets on the bottles, stabilizing the beer inside them and neutralizing unwanted microorganisms.


Discover our tunnel pasteurizers for beer bottles and cans:

We produce a range of tunnels in different sizes to meet different production capacities:

  • 10 sq
  • 16 sq
  • 42 sq
  • 60 sq
  • And more!


On request, customized size can be studied to best fit to your brewery spaces. All the tunnels are made of stainless steel AISI 304 and coated with a protective paint layer. Inside the pasteurizer, the bottles and cans are moved along the line, encountering the upper showers that spray them with heated water at different temperatures, until reaching the exit. The speed of the machine can be set and controlled from an electrical panel.




Are you looking for more information about our beer pasteurizer machines?


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