Automatic CIP units for washing and sanitizing any filling plant

How to clean and sterilize completely any kind of filling machines and reduce dramatically the risk of contamination.

There are lots of big and small bottlers that every day have to face with the issue of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing their plants. As everybody knows, in the beverage industry, as well as in the food one, hygiene plays an important role: the more accurate is the cleaning of the machines , the better is the quality of the product to be entered the market.

The CIP unit, which stands for Cleaning In Place, is nothing more than a machine that allows to clean and sanitize the whole plants for storaging, bottling, filling or kegging without having them to be dismantled .

Equipped with a variable number of tanks with an adequate capacity to sanitize the equipment, the automatic CIP units allow to prepare cleaning and disinfection solutions, to carry out the planned cycle and to verify that such a cycle has been actually carried out as required.

The goal is to eliminate completely any kind of product residue from the kegging and bottling plants, at the end of the cycle as well as at any product change; the mechanical action of high flow washing combined with the chemical action of detergents and disinfectants allows to thoroughly clean even the most critical parts in the systems.

The cycle starts by rinsing the plant with water to lose in order to remove all coarse soiling; this phase is followed by the washing step with caustic solution, previously and automatically prepared. Then there is an intermediate rinsing phase followed by a disinfecting one with the acid solution, and, at least, a final rinse with cold and hot water able to remove all the leavings of detergents.
Different washing programs (product change, end of the day, weekends) are stored in the PLC. Additional programs can be easily added.

Which are the advantages of an automatic units CIP – Cleaning In Place?

Labour savings: the PLC starts automatically the selected cycle at the set time , without the presence of an operator.

Savings of chemical products: dosages are automatically performed and controlled by a conductivity meter.

Certainty of outcome: the control devices on the washing circuit ensure that the cycle has taken place in accordance with the set program, human error is banned!

Thanks to a good washing system a better product can be produced.

Are you a microbrewery or a big beer producer, or a water or soft drink bottler and are you looking for the ideal cleaning system for your filling equipment or storage tanks ?

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