Advantages of an isobaric craft beer bottling line

Isobaric filling systems are mainly designed to bottle carbonated products, however they can also be used for any beverage, so much so that more and more breweries are choosing this bottling method. You too can choose Comac tailor-made proposals or bottling machines and benefit from their numerous advantages.

Imbottigliatrici: quanto è importante la qualità di tappi e bottiglie?

With the growth of the craft beer sector, Comac has devised technological solutions to bring machinery that once was only accessible to highly organized companies to all breweries, even the smallest ones.

Currently, many craft breweries are focusing on isobaric bottling: let’s take a look at which machines are perfect for this bottling technique and why they turn out to be a winning choice in terms of quality.

Comac isobaric bottling machines perfect for beers of all kinds

Comac manufactures a number of automatic bottling machines, which can also be integrated into an existing line. All Comac range models work on glass bottles (both classic and non-standard) with classic crown caps.

For breweries wishing to work with isobaric bottling machines, we generally recommend:

  • SAGITTA 12121P (3,000 bottles/hour production);
  • SAGITTA 1216311M (3,500 bottles/hour production);
  • SAGITTA 20203M (6,000 bottles/hour production).

For smaller breweries, with a limited budget, we can also offer refurbished or second-hand solutions, which also include isobaric bottling machinery.

Let’s digress a little for the most skeptical master brewers: using second-hand systems does not mean b-grade efficiency and quality, as revamping of used machines by our experts is a guarantee of top plant reliability.

Picture: a refurbished Zodiac 6/6/1 bottling machine.

Why craft breweries choose isobaric craft beer bottling lines

There are many advantages to using this type of bottling machine. Generally, the reasons that drive breweries to focus on an isobaric craft beer bottling line are:

  • maximum control over each phase of the product transformation;
  • perfect homogeneity between stocks of bottled beers;
  • a more versatile line. An isobaric craft beer bottling machine can indeed be used also to package a non-carbonated product that is re-fermented in the bottle.

Comac boasts customers all over the world and partnerships with major brands in the beverage sector, while offering customized solutions for craft breweries and microbreweries.