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20 November 2015

The Comac Trophy goest to the Schooner Exact Brewing Co from Seattle.

brusselbeerchallenge This year the prize has been conferred to an American brewery, the Schooner Exact Brewing Co from Seattle for the great quality of its Hopvine India Pale Ale. continue
27 February 2015

Russian River - The Spiritual Legacy of Pliny the Elder

Russian River (4) It’s widely known that the United States has become the leading country in a relentless growth of craft breweries, with more than 3,000 of them that presumably produce over 50,000 different beers. continue
Customized plants


The after-sales is a strategic factor in the relationships between Comac and its Customers.

Comac offers the Customer a relevant technical support in order to ensure a proper functioning of the machines and plants as well as an excellent supplying service and logistics that allow the delivery of spare parts in a short time.


An advanced system remote assistance allows to interact directly with the machines and the plants of the Customers checking the operating status and, if necessary, making changes and updates to the software.


It is also available a professional technical assistance for specific actions at the Customer's site.



To request the assistance of one of our technicians call: +39 035/4994211 or send an e-mail to the following address:


Immediate telephone assistance
Comac engineers are available to provide the customer with the necessary information on checks and operations to be carried out on the machines to restore the operation as soon as possible.
Remote Web Assistance 
Comac engineers can directly access PLC machines to check the status of operation and, if necessary, make changes and updates to the software.
Kit for remote assistance with webcam
It is a kit for remote assistance comprehensive of a wireless webcam that allows the operator to interact with the Comac technicians during the phases of remote assistance.
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